Friday, May 1, 2009

Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson has declared early entry into the 2009 NBA draft.

At first I was surprised. Then, I spoke with Jonathan and thought about what's in front of him.

Jonathan has nothing to lose in making this decision. He will be evaluated and the powers that be will tell him what he needs to work on. He's trying to better himself and thinking about a pro career. On the surface, there is nothing wrong with it.

Jonathan said that he is still 100 percent dedicated to NMSU. That's what Aggie fans should be worried about. He has not hired an agent and his college eligibility remains intact.

As far as his game is concerned, Jonathan is a tantalizing player. He has the ability to shoot you into a game and shoot you out of it. He's a streaky player who has a lot of confidence. Many times last season, his performance often mirrored that of the Aggies. He went through a bit of a slump mid-season, but got back on his feet down the stretch and shot the ball well in the WAC tournament.

This upcoming year will be a big one for Aggie basketball. The team is a year older and should be a bit more polished. After their performance in the conference tournament last season, a WAC championship run in 2010 should be on the radar. Assuming Gibson is back next season, having him play at a high level will be important. He will be the lone impact senior on the roster.


Anonymous said...

I just hope that he matures on the court. Dude's a senior yet, plays like a freshman.

The fans are really fed up of him jacking up shots, 3 seconds into the shot clock!
Run the offense, play within yourself, and quit being a glory hog!

Anonymous said...

"After there performance in the conference tournament last season..."

Is that the correct use of the word "there"?

Anonymous said...

Look at the aspects of this guy's game, he's a great talent, good shooter thank you very much, an assist man thank you very much, and a MATURE LEADER of the team