Friday, April 3, 2009

Farnham, a leader on NMSU

Rocky Ward called Jeff Farnham the Aggie baseball team's "cornerstone." Very rarely do you hear a coach use such words for an individual player. Unless, of course, it's just a basic fact and no egos will be hurt by such a remark. Clearly, Ward feels this way.

A catcher on a baseball team needs to transcend clicks in the clubhouse. Ward spoke about Farnham's ability to relate to each player on a personal level and be a sounding board for both pitchers and regular players, a divide on many clubs.

“He's the type of person, the minute you meet him, you feel comfortable,” Ward said. “He's the type of guy you can trust with your life.”

Those are bold words. But it's clear NMSU has a real leader at the catcher position.

Looking ahead to their series against Sacramento State this weekend, NMSU should handle the Hornets. I really don't know how good the Aggies are. Their competition hasn't been standout by any stretch. And the WAC is pretty decent on the baseball field. Ward and the team talk about their improved pitching and defense. That will be the ultimate test. Offensively, the team has some pieces. But can they hold down the opposition? This has been the program's weakness for some time.

Again, I like them this weekend against Sacramento State. Next weekend they go to Fresno and the following weekend they go to Nevada. We'll learn a lot more then.

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