Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Williams and Richardson sign with teams

I think Chris Williams and Derrick Richardson landed in good places for their talents on the NFL level.

Lets start out with Williams, the top NFL prospect on the Aggies the past two seasons. First off, Chris is small and, in the NFL, it's hard to succeed if you are undersized. Still, we have seen receivers in recent years — Steve Smith, DeShaun Jackson off the top of my head — flourish on the next level. Chris has terrific speed. He will have to catch the ball consistently to be given a shot and also show something as a return man in the special teams game.

One thing the Dolphins don't have is a strong-armed quarterback. Chad Pennington is one of my personal favorite players, but he doesn't get the ball deep downfield. Chad Henne is waiting in the wings. Still, Williams' greatest asset is his speed and his potential to get over the the top of the secondary. The lack of a strong-armed QB could hurt.

Bill Parcells runs the Dolphins and has been known to find late round/free agent steals around draft time. Look no further than former Hawaii and WAC star Davon Bess, who had a very productive rookie season last year in Miami, despite being picked up as an undrafted free agent. In a runaround type of way, this speaks positively to Chris' ability. No stone is left unturned when Parcells is running the ship.

As for Richardson, he was a great Aggie and has such a passion for the game. The Steelers fit his mold — a hard-hitting player who plays with guts. Mike Tomlin is a defensive-minded coach and Dick LeBeau is one of the great NFL coordinators the game has to offer.

Derrick is a sound tackler and loves to hit people. He'll be around some of the best pros in the business and involved with a team that is coming off a Super Bowl championship. I think it's a great spot for him.

As for some other Aggies, Chase Holbrook remains out there. I think we all hope it works out for him.

Vincent Butler is with Tampa Bay. Vince didn't play consistently with the Aggies and was stuck in a tough spot — right when the team transitioned coaching staffs on the defensive side of the ball. Woody Widenhofer brought him in and Joe Lee Dunn was here when Vince finished his career.

Rhyan Anderson is a tree trunk that can run. The kid's built. With size like that, it's no surprise he's getting a shot with the Packers.

Anderson' situation is the same as every other Aggie on this list. They'll have to produce — in some cases go above and beyond their peers — in order to get a legitimate chance to prove themselves in the NFL.

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