Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What way should the QB situation go?

I have watched them sporadically this spring, but if I had to go with one over the other, I'd play Trevor Walls over Jeff Fleming at the Aggie quarterback position.

I have been impressed by Walls during practice. He's a big kid, but he has the physical tools and seems to be a more polished passer than Fleming. And, although not as athletic as Fleming, he's underrated in this category. I think he can move just enough and has a good enough feel for the game to stay off the ground enough, and give the Aggie offense a fighting chance.

The Aggies need to play the signal caller who they believe gives them the best chance to win. Forget everything else. The offense will have its growing pains, but steady play from the QB will go a long way. Poor play could sink the ship.

What do I think the Aggies are going to do? I wouldn't be surprised to see them go with a two QB attack. Again, they have to do what they think gives them the best chance to win. Whatever that course of action is at this point is yet to be seen.


Anonymous said...

I've been to a few practices and I like this Walls kid.
Yes, he still has a way to go but, you see his potential grow at every practice.

We are going to take a our lumps this year but, I like Coach Walkers blue print and Walls is the franchise, no doubt about it!

Whats this little rumor (actually, BIG rumor) that LaVorick Williams is transferring back for the 1st Summer session and play this Fall?

I hope it's true as LaVorick has Michael Crabtree potential!!


Anonymous said...

Spent 4 years watching this kid grow as a QB in High School. New Mexico State got the steal of future QB's. Now matter what turns out in the spring, come next fall Walls will be the man. When it comes to winning, that what he does.

Anonymous said...

Hey I got a good idea let's start a "Walls for QB" website and convince the coaches we know who should start! After all we have been to practices sporadically and can tell already!

Seriously, everyone needs to calm down and let the professionals do the evaluating. Both guys have talent and seem to be good kids.

CDW has done great things in the community/team thus far and we need to give him our trust to pick the best guy for his system.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:00, nothing wrong with offering an opinion. It carries no weight, just good conversation fodder.

Walls sounds to me, just by the descriptions I've heard, like Big Ben. Looking forward to the fall!

Chile Duck said...

I've been to a few practices too and I need to wait to see a bit more of a separation from Jeff Flemming before I jump on the Walls bandwagon. I haven't seen it yet. I certainly hope one of them makes a move because I hate the two QB system we have had this spring. But Spring is for competition and Fall practices will be the place to show some separation.

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to remember that, every player is being introduced to Walkers system during the Spring.
He's only had 15 practices but, the kids are buying into his philosophy.

After the Spring games, coaches sit down and evaluate players and tell them what they need to work on from now, thru fall camp.
Fall camp is when the starters and role players emerge.

I'm ready to catch me some football!

Anonymous said...

Hey, if Walls doesn't get the starting job, put him at Tight End. Throw him the 10 yard fade in the end zone, he'll catch it. Many people forget he was recruited by Akron and Kent State for basketball, so he is athletic.

Anonymous said...

"...The Aggies need to play the signal caller who they believe gives them the best chance to win..." Maybe we should go with the QB who gives us the best chance to lose.


Anonymous said...

What's the word on Lavorick?

Anonymous said...

come on teddy...nothing on the spring game?