Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kicking game; offense/defense

First off, coach DeWayne Walker said that the he felt good with Kyle Hughes as the team's punter in 2009.

Last year, Hughes displayed a strong leg, averaging 42.7 yards per punt.

Walker said who will handle kicking duties is still up in the air.

The punter/kicking combination needs to be scrutinized simply because it's been a problem area in the past. Walker said following Saturday's scrimmage that he valued the importance of special teams, particularly this year. The Aggies will have a young quarterback under center and, really, an offense in transition. The kicking game will be critical for a handful of reasons. For one, if NMSU gets into scoring range, the team will need to capitalize. Secondly, field position will be a battle all season long. Pinning teams deep and forcing them to drive the length of the field could be as good an offense as any in 2009.

Speaking of offense, I had a thought at Saturday's scrimmage. It being, what is more in transition, the defense or the offense? I actually think the defense is going to be much improved this season. Of course I have concerns. The defensive line still could have some holes and I could see the team getting beat over the middle in the passing game. But I think, overall, Walker is going to instill a defensive mindset throughout the team. He will get his players to compete at a high level and the unit should have some spunk to it. At least that's the hope.

Offensively, things could be interesting. Obviously, the quarterback position is going to be in a state of flux. Choosing the right player at QB will be of paramount importance. Really, either way the team goes, they will be extremely young here. The best man should win the job, whoever gives the team the best shot to win. Simple statement, tougher to answer. We'll see.

As for the receivers, the group lost two great players in Chris Williams and A.J. Harris. Wes Neiman was a contributor. And two years ago, it was Derek Dubois and Nick Cleaver. This unit is starting over from scratch. Two young passers throwing to a bunch of unproven targets? And small targets at that. The group has its work cut out.

I think the offensive line could be underrated. There are some returning starters on the roster and the team will run the ball more. That should be music to the O-linemen's ears.

The one area on offense I like? Running back. Marquell can run outside and inside. He's shifty. He just needs to stay healthy. Tonny Glynn was a forgotten man last year. Two years ago, he showed that when used the right way, he was a playmaker. I think both of these guys can do some things and can play well off each other.

The bottom line is that the team is going to look a lot different this season. An offense where the strength is the ground game? And the passing game has some question marks surrounding it? Different for sure.

And the defense could be the bread and butter? I know, I gotta slow down. It's only spring football. Lots of time 'till Week 1. Heck, lots of time 'till fall ball. Lots of time to see how things shake out.


Anonymous said...

NMSU has some JUCO guys coming in the fall at WR, and DT. I think Marcus Allen, David Quiroga, and William Bullock will get a lot of playing time this year. Vincent Federico will see a lot of time at DT, so I think we will be ok.

Anonymous said...

I liked what I saw on Saturday, the defense looked good at the begining and then the offense took over.
I'm not really convinced about the kicking game. They missed a lot of FG's.
The receivers dropped a LOT of balls.
The QB's have improved since the last scrimage but, still have a way to go.

I think the spring game should be a good one and I hope to see more consistency out of all the units!

Anonymous said...

Teddy, Just finished reading your bio.....looks like you have allot in commom with QB Fleming.....his hair is on fire!


Anonymous said...

Being an Ohio Aggie fan, sources tell me that the QB's have had a lot of dropped passes. I noticed Walls' numbers were lower in the second scrimmage. I heard the he had some unfortunate dropped passes. Do you think that they will go with both QB's until one proves to be so much better than the other? It has me worried since Walls was a Mumme recruit and Fleming is a Walker Recruit. Buckeye radio reports here around Columbus are reporting no depth at QB with the Buckeyes with Pryor (and he has trouble throwing the ball). We would sure like to see Mr. Walls in Scarlet and Gray!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ohio Aggie! Do you really think a kid who signed with NMSU out of high school, and can't even make himself a favorite in a heated competition for a starting spot at NMSU, would even compete with Pryor. Pryor was a major contributor in the BIG 10 and against the likes of USC and Texas. If Walls left the Crimson and White for Scarlet and Gray, Ohio State would still have the same problem......NO DEPTH AT QB! You obviously don't care about Walls, otherwise you would realize that if he left here, he would sit (lucky to be 2nd String) behind a QB that started as a true frosh and has 3 years remaining.

Anonymous said...

Yea im sure the wide reciever group will get it going. They already recruit some more taller reciever and they got LaVorick Williams coming back in the summer. So im sure they will step it up.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break buddy. I hope you are not attacking Mr. Walls because he is an ultimate team player. My comment was a bit sarcastic as Trevor would not leave NMSU whether he was playing or sending in the plays. He was back in Waverly, Ohio over Christmas break and said he loves NMSU. Whether he is starting or not he will be the first to tell you that he is there getting an engineering degree first and foremost as NMSU has one of the best programs in the country. I wish the Aggies nothing but the best. By the way, ask Brian Robiskie and Brian Hartline how good of a "QB" Terrelle Pryor is?

Anonymous said...

I think Ohio Aggie is like everyone else back home, wanting to see Trevor Walls end up in the starting position. If Walker is looking for a long term "franchise" style QB, Trevor is his man,mark it down. He is no where near his physical potential and wasn't even shaving when he left for school last summer. Even if Fleming gets the nod early,Trevor will continue to make vast improvements each week and eventually become a physial specimen. Ohio State's Bucknuts site had him pegged as a "Roethlisberger clone" becaue of his similarities with Big Ben at tha age. Anyone who doubts Trevor's abilities should have watched him play HS basketball! Oh yeah, his back up QB (then receiver( is reeling in the D-1 offers right now. Good Luck Trevor and go Aggies!

Anonymous said...

Trevor has not reached his physical potential yet folks. He still has a lot of growing into his body to do. In addition to that, he went from throwing around 25 times agame in HS to a system that threw 50 times to a run based play action type offense in a few years. If you want a long term, "franchise" QB, he is your guy,mark it down! Go Aggies

Anonymous said...

Is Lavorick Williams really coming back in the summer?

Anonymous said...

anon 7:05 - thats funny you mentioned Big Ben. I just commented on another post that from what I'm hearing, thats exactly who he sounds like. Can't wait to see him in action.

And I think the reason Walls likes it so much here, is that he's dating the hottest player from the volleyball team. Very nice catch.