Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Reddic on campus

Former Herb Pope teammate at Aliquippa High School Antonio Reddic was spotted at Aggie football practice on Monday with basketball assistant Chris Pompey.

Reddic apparently was the leading scorer on the basketball team in high school with Pope. But there are other interesting story lines.

Reddic was a highly rated football player as well. He played wide receiver and cornerback at Aliquippa but was expected to rate higher at corner on the college level. Rumor has it that Reddic was supposed to go to prep school this year. Regardless, I saw him conversing with Mumme as well on the field.

Football or hoops? That’s the question. I don’t know this kid’s deal but it is an interesting story line.


Anonymous said...

Basketball and Football. Let him play both!

Give him a double scholarship and let him do his thing on the court/ field!

Anonymous said...

Mumme should take the scholarships from in-eligible players (Dowling, Hughes, Bell, etc) and give them to Antonio Reddic and other kids that are paying their way.

We need help in the secondary and he can help w/ some playing time this season.

InfamousChuck said...

I agree that he should reward those who are paying there own way, but let's not put the cart before the horse. This kid hasn't even attempter to walk on yet for either team. Granted he still has time to do so for the hoops team. However both coaches should be doing their part to persuade him to play. Is he eligible, and how long would it take for him to learn the defense? Can someone walk on this late in the process?

Dan Kerr, MD said...

I actually think it is better in the long run for a kid to pick one sport and excel at it. Lets nit forget that Drew Henson was cut this week and now is a no-sport star. This is a different situation from Reddic, but it may be a valuable lesson.

David said...

But lets not forget Drew Henson made it to the pro level at both sports (thats not an achievment in it's own right). Some guys just can't hack the pressure when the stakes are that high.

David said...

Obviously I meant to say it was an achievement.