Wednesday, August 22, 2007


NMSU lost no players of major significance due to grades.

Kyle Hughes’ loss hurts a bit but it was pretty much expected that he wouldn’t be around. The program had four new kickers at camp this summer. You don’t bring in four new faces unless you know something’s up. Time will tell on this one. If the kicking game is miserable again, people will point to the kid they brought in who never booted the ball for the team. But if FG’s aren’t a problem in ’07, then no one will worry about it.

Barry Huntley was having a decent spring but that’s also because Chris Buckner was struggling and the Aggies needed someone to push him. Huntley performed pretty well. But both of them were passed on the depth chart by freshmen in Gallup. I’m sure the staff knew about Huntley’s academics and made sure to get the newcomers some extra looks last week.

As for the other two, Leeds and Dowling, they never played with NMSU anyway. It seems like a marginal loss at worst. The core remains in place.


Anonymous said...

I'm very dissapointed w/ Hughes. Mumme doesn't give scholarships to HS kickers. He did and look how Hughes repaid him/NMSU!

Dowling never did play a down but, he is a LB and we are pretty thin at the position.
I'm sure the staff will be recruiting LB's with good grades this year!

Also, do these kids lose a year of eligibility due to academics?
I'm assuming the answer is yes but, can anyone confirm?

Anonymous said...

I doubt these kids will ever step on the field.
If they are not eligible as Freshman, how can they be eligible when they take upper division classes?

I hope we have a record breaking season so we can recruit kids w/ good grades and not risk scholarships on kids like Hughes, Randell Bell, etc.