Monday, August 6, 2007

Aggies add defensive lineman

The Aggies have added former University of Miami defensive lineman Rhyan Anderson to their football team for the upcoming season. The move was confirmed by NMSU Associate AD Braun Cartwright.

Anderson is a big kid – 6-foot-5, 245. Those measurements are from his Miami bio but others have him listed in the high 200’s.

Anderson was apparently one of the top prospects coming out of high school in Oak Creek, Wisc., and a national Top 100 player. He saw limited action at Miami and graduated in three years. He’s going to attend NMSU as a graduate student but still has two years of eligibility remaining.


Anonymous said...

Anyone that goes to Miami is usually a top 100 player!

Mike Fanoga is a heck of a recruiter.
I'm not sure if he had something (D-line coach)to do with this but, the coaching staff is working their tales off in getting us players that are game changers!

Anonymous said...

wow! sounds like he's a great player/student. this season can't come any sooner!!! go aggies!!!

Anonymous said...

I saw Miami's 2006 roster and he is listed at 270Lbs.

Putting heat on the Quarterback was a big issue last year. He should help the pass rush and I hope Chris Woods is eligible.

23 days till the season opener!

Chile Duck said...

Hey Teddy, Can you find out more about his experience at Maimi? Without digging up dirt, it would be nice to know why he was encouraged to leave. Playing time must have been an issue but you would think a player of his caliber would have be moving up the depth chart. Anyway, for NMSU, a great turn of events.

Teddy said...

Chile Duck....That is a top priority for me. As soon as I can speak with him you will know the deal. Frankly, I find it strange that he’s here. I’m not trying to be negative, I just don’t get why NMSU.

The staff said that he enjoyed the graduate program here — family and consumer sciences. Sounds like a real barnburner. In any event, NMSU had the program, he was interested and they were able to bring him onboard.

He was highly touted coming out of high school. Things didn’t pan out. Three years later he’s here and the hope is that he can make an impact.

Chile Duck said...

You might take a look at this thread on the Cane board for some ideas. Nothing at all specific there.

Teddy said...

Good work Chile Duck....Fan boards are always interesting. You gotta take it with a grain of salt but the diehards do roam there. I gotta dig for some info on Anderson but it’s important to find out the deal.