Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Harris charges dropped

McKinley Boston announced that AJ Harris has been cleared of all criminal charges and has been reinstated to the football team.

It sure didn’t take long for Harris to get back involved. He was out on the field in Gallup Wednesday morning, running routes with the second-string receivers. He dropped some balls but made some catches as well, shaking off some rust that comes with such a layoff.

Mumme has not said anything about a punishment for Harris. Since he was cleared, will he get anything at all? Have to find out.

Other Aggie news….
Justine Buries looked tentative today in practice during running drills. Coach Earnest Wilson showed frustration, yelling at him at one point to get more aggressive and to “create the hole”. Buries did turn it up after that but Tonny Glynn saw the majority of the carries.

Chris West made a few really nice grabs at the receiver position….. Freshman wide receiver Kenny Avora looks like an intriguing prospect. He’s tall – 6-foot-4, 217 pounds.


Anonymous said...

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty.
Everyone except athletes.
Seems like society always hangs athletes before the facts are laid out, right?

Since he was suspended and eventually cleared of all charges. "Time served" should be his punishment.

AJ needs to put this behind him, avoid bad situations and go make some plays down the middle!

Anonymous said...

Yo Teddy--

So by now its pretty apparent that Kyle Hughes did not make the trip to Gallup--and yesterday was the deadline for grades/eligibility. Any new word on him? Also, are we missing any other players due to grades?

Teddy said...

There is no way Kyle is making this team. I hear they are going to redshirt him this season. By now, it's apparent that the job has come down to Paul Young and Ryan Jastram.

I tried contacting Mumme this morning and am waiting a call back. He said they would know today so I'll keep this area posted.

Anonymous said...

Well that is fine. Let him red-shirt, and get his grades up so that he can play next year.

Anonymous said...

Teddy, do you know if Gillenwater is a Prop 16 (non-qualifier)? Have his ACT scores been cleared?

Anonymous said...

What about Woods academic status?

Teddy said...

Chris Woods was practicing in Gallup. I felt like most impact players were but Mumme said there were some he didn't bring. That leads me to believe those players had academic issues. Woods was out there and playing pretty well actually. He's an important piece.

Mumme said that depth on the defensive side is a concern. He said that the team had to keep its starters on the field for the most part, which I feel is accurate.