Saturday, August 11, 2007

Harris sighting

A.J. Harris has been spotted at the NMSU facility. He is not practicing with the team but it appears as if he is going through solo workouts.

I was declined my interview request with Chris Woods during today’s practice. Take that for what it is. But it’s one of the only times I have not been allowed to speak with a player.

And I guess my other question is, is this team going to be able to stop the run? That was a major weakness last year and what have they done to correct that? If one of their starters at middle linebacker goes down, in steps Chris Nwoko. He was a power running back in the spring.


Anonymous said...

Depth will help the guys stay fresh and will certainly help stop the run.

Nwoko is still learning but, he's a phenomenal athlete.

AJ will be alright. Maybe miss a game or two.
Chris Woods is hitting the book. He'll be breaking up passes and getting his ints. soon!

Anonymous said...

Nwoko also has some speed. I think maybe a high 4.4 or a low 4.5. I remember last year he was one of the top 10 fastest guys on the team. Also helps that Jamar Cotton has 4.4 speed.

Teddy said...

Nwoko is actually starting in the 3-4 in the middle next to Floyd. At least he was with the first-team defense during Tuesday's practice at Gallup. Winingham is backing up Dante now. Linebackers coach Bobby Wilcox said that if the season started today, that would be his lineup.

Anonymous said...

Teddy will you be doing some reporting from Gallup?

Teddy said...

Doing some right now....It will be up and down though. I'm leaving here Wednesday evening.

Anonymous said...

I think Nwoko would make a better linebacker then running back.