Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Depth could be an issue

Some key areas on the NMSU football team would be devastated if injuries hit or players are forced to miss time for an extended period.

Just about every unit on defense would be crushed by injuries. The linebackers need to stay healthy as does the secondary. If people start dropping, the talent falls off quickly. Also, many young players are backups and will need to be eased into roles. A depleted group would throw those players into the fire too quickly.

Obviously, an injury to Chase Holbrook would cripple the Aggies’ season. Better protection is a must. He can’t be sacked 40 times again this year. Granted, when you pass that many times you’ll be put on the ground. But he needs better protection. Alex Gibson looked good in the spring, but he’s done for the year with a torn ACL. And J.J. McDermott might be talented. But he’s a freshman.

With that being said, the O-line will have to stay fresh.

Running backs and receivers actually go relatively deep. And though the defensive line isn’t supremely talented, there will be a rotation in place. Those areas seem all right in terms of numbers.


Anonymous said...

An improved running game will help keep the defense guessing and help Chase from getting tagged that often.

I'm pretty happy with the depth on both sides of the line.

The depth at LB and secondary is a legitimate concern.

Injuries are part of the game and i'm sure we will have our share.
The subs will have to come in play like starters, if and when, the situation arises!

Teddy said...

In football, injuries are just a part of the game. They’re going to happen. On offense, outside of QB, it seems like the team could withstand some here and there.

On D, it could be another story. I know I keep harping on it, but the team needs Chris Woods out there. And I noticed that Dante Floyd hasn’t been practicing. A coach told me he was in summer school — that makes no sense. Everyone else is there. Grades could be an issue. And that would be a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

There are classes going on this week so thta may have been the issue. Maybe a conflict in class time/ practice time. Not sure. Chase looks bigger this year also, I think Pun may have put him thru the paces

Anonymous said...

I've heard that Chris Woods is a heck of an athlete can be our best pro prospect, on defense. I hope he is eligible.

It would be a shame if Dante Floyd doesn't play due to grades. I
thought he was due for a breakout year.

You are students, before athletes. Take care of business in class!

Anonymous said...

Teddy it does make since if he has practice at the same time he has a class.

Teddy said...

True, true...He’s in summer school right now and appears to have a conflicting class time. Mumme said he will be with the team for the Gallup trip. Hopefully he’s in the clear for Week 1.

Anonymous said...

When I was playing football at Western, we had a lot of guys who had class like in the middle of practice, so what our coach did was made us practice at 6am in the morning until 7:30, and then come back at 3:30 and finish it. So Teddy are you gonna start getting some good articles on some of the players.

Teddy said...

Yeah bro. I got it