Thursday, May 31, 2012

3 keys for NMSU in this weekend’s regional

(Aggie pitcher Michael Ormseth/Photo by Niki Rhynes)

Field the ball cleanly: A key stat going into today’s NCAA regional — when the Aggies make zero errors they’re 18-3 on the season; one error, 7-4; two or more errors, and their record drops to 10-15. These simple statistics were on display this past weekend in the Western Athletic Conference Tournament, when, in the second inning of their opening game against Fresno State, NMSU committed three errors and surrendered 10 runs in the process. The Aggies need to get back to playing clean, fundamental baseball if they want to have a chance in this weekend’s competition.

In their element: The Aggies hold somewhat of an advantage in today’s game against Louisville, when considering NMSU is used to playing in the southwest. The Aggies come in surrendering 5.50 runs per game, not a bad number when playing in Las Cruces, and in hitter’s haven Presley Askew Field, as the Aggies also launched 47 home runs on the season. As for the Cardinals, while playing in the Big East, they have a 3.36 ERA, and 31 homers, which ranked second in their league. The point is that power numbers and run production can hit an uptick when playing in the desert, a game the Aggies should be used to.

A new leaf: The Aggies essentially had two seasons — strong at the outset, before tailing off badly down the stretch. But the team seemed to be in good spirits since qualifying for postseason play as an at-large bid, and perhaps will play loose and with a healthy respect for the opposition, now that they have nothing to lose.


Anonymous said...

If there is one thing that Aggies athletes know well it's keys.

Anonymous said...

Three keys:
1). Don't choke...again
2). Don't Choke...again
3). Don't Choke...again

When you do choke. Don't let, long winded Rocky Ward blow smoke up Boston's skirt/ fans about his offensive stats.
That same ol BS has gotten old!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:10

Grow up!!! How about being supportive of the Aggies instead of being negative. They made it to the NCAA tourney. Just because your life is in the gutter, don't try bringing them down there with you. must be a mINOR fan. That's right they don't have baseball there.... Best of luck today Aggies. For those of us that can't make the game we're here cheering for you!!

Anonymous said...

Must have lost their keys.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the Heimlich manuever? NMSU is blue in the face...again!

Anonymous said...

With all the negative opinions on this thread and they wonder why NMSU isn't getting picked up by other conferences......LACK OF SUPPORT!!!!! Yes that's not the only reason, but only averaging around 5K people per game during a winning basketball season says a lot. It's frustrating how people in the area are always so quick to point out the negative. The Aggies went to the NCAA Tourney in baseball. They should be congratulated, not ridiculed. These are the same folks that criticize the basketball team that won 26 games. Don't be like the fans in El Paso. Ask yourselves what are you doing to help them besides criticize on a website. Go to the games, buy season tickets and be supportive!


Anonymous said...

Breaking News

Members of the Aggie spin machine spotted at Wal-Mart buying up cases of lipstick.