Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sun Belt announcement says no to NMSU

It wasn't entirely unexpected that the Aggies would be shunned by the Sun Belt Conference.

As stated on the Cruces Sports Blog over the past handful of months, the Sun Belt is happy with its geographic footprint, and the Aggies need the conference itself more than the conference itself needs the Aggies.

Despite it being a somewhat predictable scenario, it doesn't mean it isn't bad news for NMSU. Their options are limited regardless of what some might say, and this is one of a few to scratch off the list.

NMSU used to be a part of the Sun Belt and commissioner Karl Benson used to hold the same position in the WAC. The Aggies actually had some connections to this pipeline, but it didn't matter.

So what are the Aggies options going forward?

The school has made no secret that it would like a Mountain West invitation. The Mountain West will exhaust some options before inviting NMSU, however — the Aggies won't be the league's first choice if it does in fact want to move to a 12-team football membership. Far from it, actually.

I do think the likelihood of NMSU becoming an independent football program increases by each move that's made here. This is not a long-term answer — recruiting and scheduling could well be a nightmare. And who would want to coach an independent NMSU football program? It would be a tough sell. Regardless, NMSU might not have a choice — I do not see the Aggies dropping to FCS, not immediately anyway.

A third option could be the WAC essentially becoming a glorified FCS league — grabbing schools looking to make the jump to the FBS level such as Montana, Montana State, Eastern Washington, Cal Poly, Appalachian State and Georgia Southern to name a few. These schools could feel pressure to make the jump and, if this were the case, the WAC wouldn't be a bad starting point, with a relatively level playing field and a chance to get your feet on the ground on the FBS level.

Either way, NMSU continues to run out of options. Don't know any other way to put it — it's just is a bad situation in Aggie land.

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Anonymous said...

Read the article and Boston really sounds comfortable with the whole situation.
Man, with an AD like him, who needs enemies.

Anonymous said...

Ask the NMSU President or AD...supposedly there is a "plan." Right?

Anonymous said...

This is a little know fact. Benson didn't want all the garbage that comes with NMS in his conference.

Who wants a school with the reputation that NMS has? Who wants a school that coddles criminals and rosters filled with felons?

Who wants a school that treats visiting teams with disrespectful behavior,foul language and even death threats as we recently learned about in an incident involving a WAC volleyball team.

And what about those chants like the Dirty Sanchez and we want to kill a Hawaiian?

Benson had to listen to an enormous amount of complaints about NMS while he headed the WAC. His decision dosen't surprise anyone.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:31 a.m.,

I'm calling you out. If it's a "fact", little-known or not, you'll be able to state where the fact came know, the proof that Benson doesn't want the Aggies for this or that reason.

Otherwise, you made it up or YOU ARE A LIAR! Period. I'm guessing the latter, but hey, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

Little known fact. What a crock.

Anonymous said...

The thing that really amazes me is how Boston is complacent with all these, "what if" scenarios.

Wake up Boston!!
The Mountain West isn't knocking on your door, no FCS schools are joining the WAC and your good friend JUDAS, aka, Karl Benson, has told you to "talk to the hand"!!

Independence is imminent and you and Couture are solely to blame for putting us in this mess!

Why you still have a job at NMSU is beyond reasoning!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:31,

Are you serious? Have to been to sporting events at other schools? There are chants like that everywhere. It's called competition. Grow up!

I really wish we'd hear more as to what's really going on. Teddy you haven't been helping out all that much. As soon as BSU left last year NMSU should've been looking at options. When Nevada, Hawaii and Frenso left, NMSU should've been looking hard at leaving. Why stay in a conference when there are no teams of significance left? How does SJSU get picked up and not us. They don't have any winning programs. I can understand loyalty, but come on folks. What's really going on. The fans deserve some answers.