Friday, May 25, 2012

Around the web: News and stories surrounding NMSU and college sports

Some links to news stories and notes around the web that could, or could not, affect NMSU.

The Pre-Snap Read college football guide previews the upcoming Aggie season. Always a good job done by Paul Myerberg.

Head coach DeWayne Walker speaks to the Sporting News about conference realignment and NMSU, and his views on the upcoming football season. This coming after the publication interviewed University of Idaho head coach Robb Akey, who’s school finds itself in a similar predicament.

Saturday Blitz also addresses the issues facing NMSU and Idaho, while Miami says it remains committed to the ACC.

That, and Louisiana-Lafayette AD defends his school's case, a link provided by our good friends at

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Anonymous said...

Yep. There will be the haves of the four major conferences and the have nots...the rest of the FBS. The likes of UNM, UTEP and NMSU and the rest of the non-Big 4 conferences will get to duke it out for the scraps.