Sunday, May 6, 2012

Aggies to the Sun Belt Conference?

According to this website, it's a part of the rumor mill.


Anonymous said...

Great if this is true, but what about Idaho?

Can we show them a little love/help them if we can as well? Otherwise, we are like the other rats on the sinking SS WAC.

Anonymous said...

What web site ?

Anonymous said...

"it's a legitimate rumor."Now I get it.

Teddy said...

Click on the link ‘this website”

Anonymous said...

According to other "legitimate rumors" NMS is headed for the MWC,SBC,C-USA and recently the Missouri Valley Conference.

Anonymous said...

Although, we never went to a bowl game. NMSU was very competitive in the SB conf.
Heck, we came in 2nd to North Texas a couple of times but, the SB was one bowl conference at the time.

I think this is a good stop but, we need to get to the MTN West.

All I can say is, why did NMSU administrators wait till the last minute? They should have done this two years ago when Boise left the conference!!

Anonymous said...

Rumor - a statement or report current without known authority for its truth

Legitimate - being exactly as purposed : neither spurious nor false.

Anonymous said...

UPDATE: New Mexico State's ambition to one day be a part of the Mountain West Conference or Conference USA -- particularly the Mountain West -- may have a better chance than initially anticipated.

"(Mountain West Commissioner Craig) Thompson said Idaho and New Mexico State -- the lone football-playing members left in the WAC -- made presentations to the Mountain West for inclusion," Brian Murphy of the Idaho Statesman reported. "Thompson said 'their presidents and ADs did a tremendous job.' He said there was 'considerable consideration' for the schools. New Mexico 'pushed hard for New Mexico State's inclusion.' Instead, the league chose to add Utah State and San Jose State."

But, the Mountain West could realistically consider both schools in the future. And New Mexico State is a logical addition to become a travel partner with New Mexico.

All may not be lost for the Aggies.

ESPN Insider 4days ago