Monday, May 7, 2012

Karl Benson: NMSU invite “has not even been discussed”

This morning, Sun Belt Commissioner Karl Benson said that, at this point, an invitation to New Mexico State University “has not even been discussed.”

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Anonymous said...

If the SBC ,MWC or C-USA ever expand to 64 NMS will be the 63rd school added.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that, the SB did talk about but, Benson is pissed that the info leaked earlier.

You know the guy is a control freak that over saw the WAC become extinct.

Anonymous said...

It's sad that Nevada, San Jose St, Fresno St, and Hawaii were all dumped by the schools of the Mountain West Schools when they left the WAC to have their own exclusive conference. Now that UNM, UNLV, Colorado St, AF, and Wyoming have been dumped, the MWC pillages the WAC for the schools they originally did not want. Even worse, those schools jump at the chance to go back. Where is the integrity? It is sad to say it is all about money in today's world. That is not a good thing.

Realizing what was happening, the WAC schools should have stuck together and offered the MWC the chance to merge into one conference. That would have been the smartest move, but the WAC had an incompetent man like Karl Benson in charge. Look where that landed the conference.

I've said it since 2005: the Aggies made a mistake by leaving the Sun-Belt Conference. Now they have to beg to get back in? What happens if Sun-Belt, MW, or C-USA don't want NMSU? Big Sky? What an embarrassment.

Patrick NaySay

Anonymous said...

I got news for Couture,the MWC conference dosen't want you so it dosen't matter what you think is the best fit for NMSU.

Anonymous said...

Why would any conference want a school that can't put at least 50% of fans in a 30K seat stadium for each home game? You can get 20,000+ for a rival high school football game but can't get 15,000 for a collegiate football game why? Bad marketing and that is the AD's responsibility to promote NMSU sports.

Anonymous said...

^^^ mmm that just shows that if nmsu plays better competition more fans will go. Just saying.