Thursday, January 19, 2012

Turner not expected to be back at NMSU in 2012

Aggie running back Kenny Turner is not expected to return to New Mexico State next season and will enter the NFL Draft.

NMSU will likely make an official announcement in the coming days. Turner had a big year for the Aggies, rushing for 1,070 yards on 206 carries (4.9 yards per rush average) while scoring nine rushing touchdowns. He added 46 catches for 514 yards and three TDs in the receiving game.

He would have been entering his senior season at New Mexico State.

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Anonymous said...

I wish him luck, now that he's gone Robert Clay will be the man now as long as he stays healthy. He's a tuff kid and hard worker.

Anonymous said...

I honestly thought he was going to stay but, RB is young man's game and he's already 26 or so.

If he does stick with an NFL team, longevity is not a RB best friend.

He's a tremendous player and did some really good things. You will always be an Aggie and we hope to see you on Sundays!

PS. Don't forget who gave you a second chance at life. Best of luck, Kenny!


Anonymous said...

Any word on where he would land on the draft boards? I don't really see him being a high round pick. I would think that Taveaon Rodgers would be a higher rated player at this time???

Anonymous said...

That's the right move for KT! Good luck son!

Anonymous said...

@ 27 years old, he doesn't have much time left to play.
It's not a knock on Kenny, that's just life for RB's.

I hate to see him go but, I look forward to watching him on Sunday's!
Guns up!

SM said...

Best of luck to him. I can understand the move given his age. I am sure he was smart enough to talk to coach Walker and get an honest assessment of his draft status. As an Aggie fan, I would have really liked to see him anchor the offense next year, but I am hopeful he shines at the next level.

Anonymous said...

Two Words, Troy Gillenwater.

Anonymous said...

Two more words, Jahmar Young.