Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Some notes/opinion from recent Aggie football story

We take a look back at a a story written yesterday in the Sun-News pertaining to Aggie football. For the full read, click here. For the cliff notes and some opinion, read below:

• Former football program coordinator Juan Lozano (pictured), who has been with the Aggies the past three seasons, took a similar position at the University of Hawaii.

Lozano did a lot for the Aggies — everything from helping in travel coordination, to organizing study halls and DeWayne Walker’s schedule, to helping with NFL scouts. He essentially was Walker’s right-hand man.

• I wouldn’t say I’m thrilled with all the coaching movement this past offseason within Aggie football. Of course it’s part of college football in this day and age, although the Aggies went 4-9 last year and such turnover can be disruptive. I’ve said it before, it’s VERY difficult to build something without continuity.

Still, the man in charge remains in place, head coach DeWayne Walker. The program’s new hires — particularly defensive coordinator David Elson and offensive coordinator Jerry McManus — could be good or not so good. We really won’t know until NMSU takes the field in spring and fall practices, and then in 2012.

It is important to note that all four coaches left for different reasons — with offensive coordinator Doug Martin and offensive line coach Jason Lenzmeier getting essentially job promotions at more lucrative programs.

• Walker said he is going to be more involved this year and hands on in coaching both sides of the ball.

I think the Aggies are looking to get the defensive side going a bit more and Walker will have a working relationship with Elson.

McManus is a first-time coordinator, although you have to get your start somewhere. Walker said he will spend time with the offense and have input in personnel, more so as a “consultant.”

I will say that I do not want Walker coaching coaches, and he might have to do more of that this year. That could take away from some of his responsibilities as the head coach of the Aggies.

• Walker said he will coach cornerbacks in 2012 while previous cornerbacks coach Will Martin will now coach linebackers.

• We know the Aggies lost Cole Gautche at quarterback when he followed Lenzmeier to the University of New Mexico.

Perhaps the biggest concern with all the coaching movement was how it affected Aggie recruiting, although Walker said it had minimal impact. A tough call.

• The loss of Kenny Turner will be a blow at running back, although I liked Robert Clay two years ago and lets not forget his performance at Minnesota this past year.

The Aggies are also hopeful of signing a couple other running backs and could run the ball more in 2012.

Perhaps the Aggies will be OK at this position after all.

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JD said...


As a follower of this Blog I would have to say I think there is a lack of coverage concerning recruiting. I know you dont work for the school, but I think you create some (very slight) buzz regarding recruiting efforts. Who are we in the hunt for? What are the Star ratings etc. I know we had quite a bit of early enrollments, who are they are how will they fit in?

If you follow Rivals or Scout the Aggies are building a pretty good recruiting class. One of those websites even has them listed as the top team in the conference.

I think based on this you have to think that the loss of the coaches has not been felt very much on the recruiting side.

I think the obvious connection to California is a huge positive. Especially now that UTSA and Texas State will be joining the conf. I think LC will have a hard time competing against San Antonio and San Marcos/Austin for Texas players. Walker's continuing link to California players is going to be even more valuable.

Cole Guas - whatever his name - might be missed, but I think Manley and Colwell put us in good position at QB and it will give us someone to heckle once the lobos come to town.

On a side note I noticed that some websites have Traveon Rogers as a possible 4th round selection. It would be interesting to know when was the last time NM State had players drafted in consecutive drafts in rounds higher than 6th.??
- JD