Friday, January 20, 2012

Reaction to Kenny Turner's departure

Taking it from the top, I'm not surprised by this move.

I thought Turner would return for his senior year, but I also knew that he might not.

Do I agree with his decision? I think he would have been better served coming back to school and I think it's an ill-advised move to leave early.

Rush for another 1,000 yards, get NMSU to a bowl game. Turner's stock would have improved if he accomplished such things next year at the school. And he could finish his education. One more year, that's it.

I also think his size will be an issue on the NFL level.

Of course we can look at it from Turner's perspective.

He's 26 years old going on 27, and would have been a featured back in an offense that will look different next year. He fit into the offensive scheme and new coordinator Jerry McManus will keep much of it in place. But Matt Christian and Taveon Rogers are gone and the Aggies offensive line will look much different. In many respects, the Aggie offense is starting over again.

Turner's worst-case scenario next year if he stayed with the Aggies? Getting injured, which could have hurt his draft status.

Of course this hurts the Aggies because Turner was one of their main catalysts last year and showed why NMSU sought his services. He ran for 100 yards almost weekly and had a four-touchdown game against Fresno State. He had close to 200 all-purpose yards against Georgia — he looked like one Aggie who belonged on the field that day with an SEC opponent. He was big in their win over Idaho.

I do know the Aggies believe they've recruited to this position in the offseason and Robert Clay returns for his senior year.

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Anonymous said...

It's dissapointing because, I thought we were in line for a special season.

At the same time, 27 yr old rookies don't stick around the NFL very long (Chris Wenkie).

Time is not on his side and I respect his decision even, if an extra year in college would have helped his draft status.

Good luck, I'm really gonna miss watching you play on Saturdays. Thanks for the memories!