Friday, January 13, 2012

Two finalists for the Aggie offensive coordinator position: Are these the men?

Through conversations regarding the Aggie offensive coordinator position, the Cruces Sports Blog has learned that two key candidates could be finalists for the job: Nick Rolovich and Gary Crowton.

Rolovich’s name has been in the mix for some time, a former University of Hawaii offensive coordinator who is familiar with third-year quarterback Andrew Manley. He could have an interest in returning to the mainland.

As for Crowton, he’s a new face in the hunt, although one with experience. Crowton was the offensive coordinator at the University of Maryland last year and also has head coaching experience at Louisiana Tech and Brigham Young. He has previous NFL coaching experience with the Chicago Bears and was an offensive coordinator at the University of Oregon and LSU.

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Anonymous said...

This is odd. Locksley takes the job as OC at Maryland @$500k/yr. Crowton is interviewing at NMSU for the OC job @~$100k/yr.

Do these guys have any sense of self-worth? Seems to me Crowton just wants a job regardless of pay only to jump ship once a better offer becomes available.

Can we say, "Five OC's in five years"?

Anonymous said...

I think both are good candidates I just want the best fit for nmsu and it should be done tomorrow.
Signing day is two weeks away. So teddy tell us more about them