Monday, January 9, 2012

Aggies: inconsistent, can go either way

The one thing we can count on from the New Mexico State Aggie basketball team — at this point of the season — is nothing at all. Not on a night-to-night basis, anyway.

They're capable of good things, they're capable of bad things. They're capable of beating the best teams on their schedule, and they're capable of losing to mediocre ones.

Case in point: what do you think the Aggies are going to do against Utah State on Thursday? Well, I think they're going to win, but that's just me and I could be way off or dead on. They could lose by 10, they could win by 30. One certainty on any given night: if the Aggies shots are falling and the team is focused — which can go hand in hand — their percentage of winning moves upward.

They're still a 20-win team. A top-three, top-four team in the WAC, they can win the league. But it's far from a guarantee. One can't make many guarantees at this point — good or bad.

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Anonymous said...

Does 20 wins even get them in the NIT?

Anonymous said...

Inconsistency has been Menzies mantra sine he got to town.

Anonymous said...


question for you...

Do you think that if a guy off the street were given the job as head bb coach at NMSU,he could acheive the same level of inconsistency as Menzies? I do. Just give the keys to a competent assistant and have the cajones to sit players who don't/won't play ball. I think that'll get you to at least three or four solid games each season.

In fact, I know nothing about basketball, but for half of Menzies salary, I'll gladly take the reins, delegate the game plan to a more knowledgeable assistant and put in players who are giving effort and making it happen.

I'll donate the other half to Walker's staff so he can keep a decent assistant.

And any shoe contract, etc. money I'll donate to Tortugas church for their annual Albondigas feast.

You'll have a more consistent basketball team, a more stable football coaching staff and more meatballs for the feast of our Lady.

In return, my only request is that Dr. Boston be required to attend the feast and be interjected into actual conversations where he must attempt to relate to the locals for an hour.

You see... there are some amazing possibilities out there for Aggie Athletics!

Miracles can happen Teddy. You just have to pray a little and believe.