Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Zach Daugherty

I spoke with Onate linebacker Zach Daugherty tonight, who has received interest from a handful of college football programs, including offers from NMSU, UNM and San Diego State.

Daugherty has also been speaking with UTEP and has had some contact with Oregon.

The bottom line is that Daugherty would be a nice pickup for the Aggies. He's a local kid, a defensive player who's receiving interest as he enters his senior season in high school. Daugherty, who plays middle linebacker for the Knights, said that he could likely play outside in college. When asked about NMSU, he stayed level.

"I'm interested," he said. "It's a nice school and it would be cool to stay home. Everyone would know me and I could make an impact in my hometown. But I'm not leaning either way right now. All the schools are looking good."

I'll have a full story about Zach online Thursday and in Friday's newspaper.


As for other Knights that could move on to the next level: Defensive tackle John Cachora, who has received some interest from Arizona State and Tennessee. This is coming from OHS head coach Kelly McKee. Again, it's just some interest, but those are big schools to even consider the kid, who was impressive in the middle of the Knights' defensive line last season.

You have Cachora and Daugherty in the middle of that defense this upcoming season. Wow. That's some talent anchoring your unit.

Apparently, OHS fullback Zach Hernandez is also in line to go to an Ivy League school. Brown is on his list. Just thought I'd show some love to the high school kids moving up the ladder.


Anonymous said...

I think Coach Walker can net a couple of local kids.

What a difference a year makes! Dumme would have offered a priority walk-on scholarship to NM HS kids just to save face. Now we have a legitimate chance of getting them!

Anonymous said...

Is "receiving interest" a euphemism for watched a team on TV or driving past a stadium in Albuquerque or Phoenix or saw a member of the coaching staff in a restaurant once?

Teddy said...

Cachora has received letters from NMSU, UNM, Tennessee, Arizona State and Georgetown. That's what I meant by “receiving interest,” not driving past a stadium in Albuquerque or Phoenix.

Anonymous said...

Teddy don't pay attention some people just like to hate in this town especially if they are not kids from Mayfield or Cruces. All three of these kids have received letters and don't be surprised if the Sandoval twins recive letters from smaller schools.Onate is going to be really talented this year. Where they will have problems is in their depth.