Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chris Williams

Spoke to Chris Williams this morning from Miami Dolphins practice.

I think Chris has a legitimate shot to make this team. First off, he was picked up by a Bill Parcells-led organization. That means something. Parcells doesn't just pick guys up, he picks guys up who he thinks can contribute. He's made a living acquiring players under the radar. So, I think in this respect, it works well for Chris.

Also, look at the roster. The team has two WAC guys who have been decent contributors. Former Aggie defensive back Courtney Bryan is entering his third year on the team and former Hawaii standout Davone Bess had a solid rookie season last year. He caught over 50 balls and was a starter at certain points. Again, we're talking about an undrafted free agen from a pass-happy system. Very similar circumstances as Williams.

The one thing working against Chris is his size. He is small. This doesn't necessarily mean he will be ineffective, but the likelihood of injuries does increase. He got hurt some in college and the size and speed of these guys at the NFL level just gets more intense. I think he could be a kick and punt returner. He's a playmaker once the ball's in his hands and he can make people miss. And, as long as he's healthy, he'll possess good speed.

A consistent receiver in the NFL? I don't see it. But I do see someone who could be a difference maker. A big-play guy, if you will. Get him in there, throw him a screen and he can go. But it all comes down to opportunity. That's the key with all these guys. Will they get a chance to take the field, live through some mistakes and make a difference? That's the biggest factor of them all.

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