Monday, May 4, 2009

Where should LaVorick Williams stand?

On a recent post, the subject of returning wide receiver LaVorick Williams was broached and where he should stand once fall practice rolls around.

The bottom line is that Williams should be treated like every other player. Who cares if he elected to leave NMSU, only to come back? At the end of the day, does it matter? It shouldn't. If Williams can help the Aggies, he should get an opportunity on the field. If he can't help them win, then he shouldn't be miscast as a contributor, either.

It seems like some people would like to see Williams punished because he elected to leave after Hal Mumme's firing. This is a poor and flawed philosophy to subscribe to. This is not a football team that has the luxury of holding grudges against players who could help it perform on the field. If Williams proves to be a productive player, let it go.

The reality is that all Williams is, is a returning player who made seven catches for 52 yards last season. Too many times, people get caught up in potential. Performance on the field should be the ultimate judge. LaVorick showed great potential as a freshman, but lets not call him the next Chris Williams, A.J. Harris or even Derek Dubois. He's someone that has the ability, however, to be a difference maker.

The passing game seems like it could use some help. The receiver position looks a bit thin. It didn't seem like anyone made a serious jump up the depth chart at the position during spring ball. It's still a wide open race. Williams should enter fall camp just like everyone else. With a fair chance to earn playing time if he proves to be a contributor, and someone who can help the team win.


Anonymous said...

Your right. LaVorick is a great kid I watch him in practice last year. LaVorick comes from a high school program that doesn't lose many games. So when he get here it kinda different for him. LaVorick didnt leave because Hal mumme got fire he left because he wanted to get a chance to do both sport at another university. So when tech said he could do both he jump on it. So how many kids do you know that would pass up a deal like that. I know he not goin to leave nomore and he goin to be a different maker on the field for the aggies. So lets just be positive about the kid coming back.

Anonymous said...

People holding a grudge against LaVorick need to get over it and grow up!

Wendell McKines did the same thing and look how he helped the team.

Now if he waffles back and fourth like Herb Pope, then by all means, hold a grudge.

He's back, he's an Aggie and he's going to help us win some games!

Anonymous said...

I don't think he should be punished, but he should be considered the same as the incoming freshman or recruits that Coach Walker has brought in, because that's what he is. In my opinion, he's not a returning player because, he didn't get the spring practice time with the coaches or the new players i.e. the two new qb's. He shouldn't get a leg up on the competition becasue he caught 7 balls last year. He has the chance to prove himself on the field and that's all that matters. Talent is talent, if Coach Walker thinks he should be a starter than that's all that matters. Either way once he pulls on that Crimson jersey in September I will be rooting for him to succeed!

Anonymous said...

"...This is not a football team that has the luxury of holding grudges against players who could help it perform on the field..."

So you saying that if the football team did have the luxury, as in it was a winning team, then it could hold grudges. Do you see the "flaw" in that statement?

I think Williams should prove himself like anyone else.

Anonymous said...

He is one of the better WR on the team. We need to play the best players, and if Lavorick Williams is one of the better WR during camp. He should be starting.

Anonymous said...

LaVorick Williams will go out there and prove that he should be playin. I look at his background and he not a kid that doesn't work hard. So of course he will have to prove himself like everyone. Where not sayin that they should just started him, where sayin that nobody needs to hold grudge against a 20 year old kid that tryin to come back to the program and help the team turn the program around. And I believe he will prove himself on the field. He run a 4.3 40yrd and he 6'3 with nice hands.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back LW! Practice hard and earn your spot on the roster!