Monday, February 9, 2009

Saturday's game

For starters, I would like to apologize that I failed to get anything up following the Nevada game. I was in Memphis this past weekend and didn't get a chance to write. Considering what I said the last time I posted, I really should have gotten something up sooner about the team's win vs. Nevada.

I saw bits and pieces of the Nevada game on TV. It was a gutty game and I give the Aggies credit. Going into it, I did not think they were going to win. I was surprised that they beat the Wolf Pack, especially minus Gillenwater. I'll be the first to say it. I just didn't see it coming.

I stand by everything I wrote on my last blog post. I still think the team has underwhelmed to a large degree. The win over Nevada doesn't change my perception of the Aggies that much. I give them credit, but I still voice similar concerns about the team. One game doesn't turn everything around.

The one thing I have learned about the team is that they continue to play hard for Menzies. I said it following the San Jose State game at home, when they blew a big lead but came back and won. That was a tough spot for them and they managed to get back on the Spartans. They proved it again on Saturday. Other teams would have packed it in on the second game of a tough road trip, minus Gillenwater no less. Being on ESPN may have given them a lift and they didn't fold.

Nevada is down this year. The Wolf Pack have lost at home to Idaho, Louisiana Tech and the Aggies. They also should have lost in Las Cruces. They stole that game late. I actually think Nevada has a good team, but they have lost some head scratchers this season.

Again, I give the Aggies credit for Saturday. It was a good win for them.


Anonymous said...

I still stand with you on your previous post, Teddy.

The Utep game was supposed to change the season...maybe it's the Reno game that changes the season?

Let's see if they build on this gutsy win or remain inconsistent.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, after your previous post, you should have put out something quicker.

One game doesn't change anything. Hopfully this is the game that get's us in a little roll but, the team has to show it every night not, every other night!

Let's see what happens.

Anonymous said...

They don't have the internet in Memphis? You'll be eating crow by the end of the season Teddy.

Anonymous said...

Haha just teasing Teddy. But I think that this is the biggest win of the season just because it comes a crucial part of the schedule. Our last few games wont be as tough as these past two and we get Boise here so that will be something to watch for. I think that if we can win out the rest of the games we have a good chance of making some damage in the tournament


Anonymous said...

As negative as I have been this season, I am still an Aggie Die Hard, who always beleives because of the great last minute comebacks we have had over the years. Keith Hill agsinst Vegas, FSU the S-16 year. UNM in the Pit, down 10 with 60 sec to go. UTEP in EP, down 9 with 56 sec to go. I stell beleive if we can finish 3rd so that Nev. and USU have to play in the Semi's, NMSU could still make the dance. I just hope MM can grow up quickly in the next 3 weeks.

Go Aggies

Anonymous said...

Fire Teddy, hire Jason.

Teddy don't know sports.

He ain't Bo Jackson of the journalism world.

That's fo sho

Anonymous said...

Dude-you're such a blow hard. Give them some credit for God's sake--without it being backhanded.

I don't pretend to think this is a great team, but they are learning. You need to dial down your expectations. After losing 80% of the starting lineup, this is nothing other than a rebuilding year. You're in the business of covering this sport--you should know better.

Granted the off court issues are troubling, but nobody plays soft, and Menzies is learning too (and doing fine). This is right about where people should have expected them after losing Hawkins, Passos, Iti, Peete and that slapstick Pope.

Let these guys figure out how to win, how to lead, and how to play together. Start demanding more when they're not starting 2 Freshmen, 2 sophomores, and a junior.

Anonymous said...

NMSU has a great shot at getting the 2nd seed in the WAC Tourney. Lets hope Reno gets the 3rd seed, so we can meet them in the Semi on ESPN 2. NMSU has proved we can beat Reno without our second best player.

Anonymous said...

Utah state is going into the WAC tournament with only one defeat in the regular season. The one hope is that they will not be as focused in the WAC tournament and lose. Even if they do, they get an automatic invite with something like a 28-2 record. That leaves the door open for NMSU, Nevada, Boise, etc.

That's the hope.

Cobber said...

Hey Anonymous....

Die hard Aggie's fan, huh? It's easy to be critical when you hide behind a wall. Ted Feinburg has been calling them as he sees them, with unusual accuracy for reporters these days. You know what his name is? It's Ted Feinburg. I can see it right there. So if you're going to follow the Aggie's, do it with zeal. Be a fan, not a fanatic.