Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pan American Center

We are doing a project at the paper on the history of the Pan American Center.

What an incredible basketball venue. The Pan Am has seen mostly solid, to good to great teams play their over the years. Quite amazing.

NMSU has had only two losing seasons on their home floor. Two! That's insane. The building's been open for 40 years!

The program was top notch in the 70s. It went to a Final Four. It was strong. You can see how lifelong Aggie fans would have a high set of standards for their hoops team. How could you not if you have followed the program for their 40-year existence in the Pan Am?

The basketball tradition is strong at NMSU. There is a standard that was set a long time ago. For a mid-major school, I think it's impressive.


Anonymous said...

I went to NMSU in the 90's and it was a wild/ fun place to be a student!!
Heck, even Dick Vitale dubbed us, "the Panamaniacs" and his, "were going crazy in Cruces, baby!" brings back some great memories!

What has changed since then?
The students don't go to the games and those that go, are on the phone and not into the game.

The old farts are always telling you "sit down" when you stand up cheer for the Aggies.

It's still a good place but, these kids and old farts are no where near the 1990's "Panamaniacs."


Anonymous said...

The Pan Am is very special to me. I grew up in that venue and idolized the teams of the late 80s and early 90s as a kid. I remember when they used to sacrifice and hang the visiting mascots from the raftors during the tenacious McCarthy years. NOBODY wanted to come play at the Pan Am because most likely, your gonna take a loss. Great place, great memories, and more to come!

Anonymous said...

Teams and fans feed of the students. They are the ones that provide energy.

Lately our students are almost non-existant, boring, and un-creative and probably the worst in the WAC.

The kids now a days are flat out boring.
The 90's "Panamaniacs" would run circles around these boring chumps.

Ah, those were the days!

Aggie 95

Anonymous said...

Does anybody think that there are alot more El Paso students going to NMSU now and that they probably commute back to El Paso on game days? Just a thought. I agree with the previously written posts, the early 90's were awesome. The students were loud and crazy that's for sure. I too grew up in the late 80's and early 90's watching players like Randy Brown, Michael New, Reggie Jordan, etc. Those were the days. I live in El Paso and have season tickets and make it to EVERY home game. I go crazy when I don't see more locals filling the second tier! If our town wants to be big time, we need to sell out every game no matter win or lose. I'm tired of the win and they will come attitude, how about come and they will win. Come on Crucens get off your butts, get in your cars and go to the Pan Am. What else is there to do in Las Cruces? We can't rely on the students to carry the bulk of the noise! Go Aggies!

Anonymous said...

I've always said that we just give too many sections for the students. We give them practically the whole south side and it always looks dead. Free admission and still nobody comes? I think we need to done down the sections so that the students that do come are the ones that support the team. Also, someone tell the band that they used to play and get the crowd into it during the player they look like a middle school band trying to play in a pep rally


Anonymous said...

Take away their, "nice shot a-hole" and the students are non existant and uncreative.

It's pretty sad to see the empty student section.
In the 90's we would camp out to get tickets. Coach McCarthy and his players would swing and bring us coffee and doughnuts and say "thank you for supporting us."

The students now a days are waiting for a sure winner or stay in and play video games. Sad.

Anonymous said...

I doesn't matter Herb Taylor will and his goons kick out anybody really getting after it.