Thursday, February 5, 2009


Where do we begin with the New Mexico State basketball team's road trip?

First off, Terrance Joyner is busted in the El Paso Airport with marijuana. That's a great way to get things started. Your not going on spring break Terrance, this is supposed to be a business trip. At least we would like to think so. He made a mockery out of the system on that one.

As for the game, the Aggies made it competitive to close out the first half. Then, USU came out in the second half and was on fire. NMSU couldn't keep up. I feel like the Aggies are often outscored in the second half. NMSU was thoroughly handled in the final 20 minutes on Thursday night.

At the end of the day, there is no shame in losing to Utah State. But I have seen a program that had a good deal of excitement around it when I first got here two years ago, go flat. This was a good team not too long ago. An NCAA team, a team that looked to be on the cusp of, dare I say it, the Top-25. They're nowhere near it now! Who's to blame? I hate to say it because I think he's a nice guy, but the head coach has to shoulder the load on this one. Marvin Menzies stepped into a very good situation here last year and the program hasn't improved, it has taken steps backward. You might not like to hear it, but look at the facts. They didn't go to the NCAA Tournament last year with a loaded team and they ain't goin this year either.

I hope it improves, I really do. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm way off. Time will be the judge. But, as of now, I am not impressed.


Anonymous said...

Unless Menzies packed TJ bags, we can't blame him for getting busted with pot.
Way to throw your teamates under the bus, and way to drag our beloved universities name thru the mud!
Pull his scholarship and take him to the bus terminal!

You nailed it right on the head, Teddy!
Menzies inherited a good team and lot's of excitement. The team and excitement has flat lined under his watch!
Pull his job and take him to bus terminal!

Anonymous said...

Menzies is not the only problem with this team

1. Students dont show up at games and we have too many available sections to them. College is about getting crazy and having fun and we dont have that. Start charging like every other school, reduce the number or available sections to two and we will have those who care show up.
2. GA. Those people never show up and that is most of the community.NMSU has a good basketball tradition and the community is quick to forget that and refuses to accept that this is all part of a process. Growing pains and patience are not part of this towns vocab.
3.Marketing. They need to get this team out there. A simple sign outside of corbett saying that there is a game this week doesnt cut it. Advertise, get the team around the campus, take them to TAOS and eat with all the freshman.

This team was not meant to challenge for the title this year, we all knew that so why is it such a surprise? We already critized them and know why they dont work out and wont work out this season. Lets just support them because pretty soon well be wishing it was basketball season again.


EVL said...

Initially, I want to agree with you. Last season I expected the team to make the NCAA tournament. In turn, the season ended in a triple overtime disappointment and we took an APR hit (Hawkins). This season the situation is different. It is what it is- a rebuilding year. Our Aggies do not know how to play organized basketball, and as fans, we are frustrated watching the Aggies learn how to play. I for one will let this season pass, but I do have high expectations next year. Next season, I expect leadership from seasoned players, better rebounding, and a much improved offense. That being said, next season’s team should win the WAC. That’s my take!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you Teddy. In fact, I have been saying exactly what you wrote since the beginning (and I was viciously attacked by others, being called "stupid" over on JG's blog). I'm glad you are being blunt and direct about the state of the situation with Aggie basketball. I have no doubt Menzies is a good guy on a personal level, but he never should have gotten the job as head coach here at NM State. Menzies is a good recruiter and a good assistant, but there should have been a red flag with NM State administrators over the fact that he had been in the field for over 20 years and no other Division I team has wanted him as a head coach. Not everyone is cut out to be a head coach at the Division I level.

Anonymous said...

The Aggies are fairly young, but they have also faced many opponents who are almost just as young. NM State is loaded with talent and depth and they haven't had any serious injuries or setbacks, with the exception of Joyner's eligibility and now subsequent arrest. The fact of the matter is that the Aggies are playing as weak a schedule you can play at the D-I level and they are still fighting to get to .500.

"Rebuilding" is an excuse to cover up for Menzies' lack of coaching ability.

Anonymous said...

This team has not improved at all, and that has to do with coaching!

When are you guys going to get it?
Menzies can't coach, can't motivate, and the players don't respect him!
The guy is a sinking ship and he is taking us down with him!

I doubt he will get canned this year but, if the team struggles with another .500 record next year, expect to see plenty of "fire menzies" signs inside the Pan Am a year from now!

Anonymous said...

You're stupid Teddy.

ic said...

Very insightful comment 10:47.

We need one of the two programs to be successful. Ideally both would be, but we cant have a sub .500 bball team after a sub .500 football team. Financially that wrecks the Athletic Department with no income from ticket sales. Which in turn wrecks the smaller programs. That said, I will reserve judgement on Menzies until after next season, but for his sake he can't afford another year where the team hovers around the .500 mark, they need to be a dominant.

Anonymous said...

Teddy is exactly right and he is not stupid.

Anonymous said...

Big up's to you Teddy!
You just pointed out our frustrations with MM.

The guy is a good guy but, when it comes to coaching and motivation, dudes a joke!!
The Nevada game is on ESPN tomorrow.
Please watch the game and see his lack of coaching skills on national TV!

Will he get canned?
Not this season but, next year is a do or die year for him and the program.
Is it FB season yet?

Aggie007 said...

Since there are so many posts on here, I'll be as short & brief as possible:

1. I appreciate your honesty Teddy.

2. I've said this 20 times on JG's blog: Marvin Menzies is a full-time assistant coach, in a head coaching position.

2b. Anon 9:43, you hit it right on the head; There's a reason why Menzies has been in the field for over 20 years and until two years ago, hadn't been hired as a head coach.

3. The excitement that followed Aggie basketball is GONE. It's a mixture of boring play, bad Marketing and bad coaching.

4. Menzies hired a staff that cannot relate to the players. Plain & simple as that. Theus' staff was great at relating to the players and the players bought into everything.

5. Menzies: a gentleman, seems very nice to work with, very respectful, not a good HEAD COACH.

Again Teddy, thanks for being honest. I know it was probably a little difficult since you and JGroves depend on Menzies' cooperation for your stories. But, he's a gentleman, so I see no problems.

I predict after next season, MM is gone.

Anonymous said...

Fans respond to wins. It is that simple. There is not much difference between the student body now and that of one in the 90's, or when Theus was here. You don't win then the community will not respond, students or otherwise. Not even a local HS standout is making a difference. Gordo Castillo hasnt put bodies in the Pan Am. Make a change now with a young athletic team and spare us another rebuilding project.

Anonymous said...

I think Teddifer is lobbying for the NMSU head coaching job

Anonymous said...

I do not see the Aggies being any better next year. We have players that cannot rebound or catch an entry pass to the post. But where the real problem is, the Aggies do not have any Coaches that help our players learn these skills.

Look at the difference Reggie made his first year with basically the same players Stubby had. Now look at the Difference MM made his first year with Reggie's players. We are moving backwards and unless some coaching changes are made this year, do not look for much to change next year. Remember most of the WAC teams are as young as our Aggies.

At least all the Mid Schools are now in full swing.

Best 2 Mid School teans;
1) Sierra 3-0
2) Camino 2-1

Go out and support our Mid-School Basketball. (Future Aggies)

Anonymous said...

...Without Terrence Joyner, the Aggies are "dis-jointed. :-D

Sure, it's easy to take cheap shots, especially when you can be anonymous. But when is Marvin Menso going to publicly admit he's to blame for the sham that Aggie basketball has become under his watch. The die-hard fans are still there, but where is everyone else? Nobody's fooled with what he's said and (hasn't) done as coach.

What he and his alleged assistant coaches have done should be considered fraud. It all starts and ends with the coach, and this sham and farce needs serious evaluation and adjustment now!

Anonymous said...

We hired the guy, so why not give him a chance. Sure, he inherited a top senior-laden team, last year. This year, freshman and some sophomores. Big difference.

I say give him until the end of next year, and then reassess.

Anonymous said...

"Go out and support our Mid-School Basketball. (Future Aggies)"

I laughed so hard, that I cried.

Not unless NMSU moves to D2.

Anonymous said...

Since Menzies got here at NMSU fan support has dropped and wins have not been there. I have no doubt that Menzies is a nice person ( and as stated by several posts the players walk all over him). In any situation when improvement is not present than change needs to be made. Great Story Teddy keep up the Super work- avoid the haters.

Anonymous said...

Tonight on ESPN he'll try to coach... lol

JJ said...

Talk about players who put their ego aside and showed their heart instead. GO Aggies.

Anonymous said...

I said it once. I'll say it again. You're stupid Teddy.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with GS. A few years ago all I saw on tv was its "Theus time" or "Theus time is now." What happened last year or this year in terms of marketing the team. I am a student at NMSU and all I ever see is one measly sign that says basketball game today. I beleive if you have more marketing of the team you will have more people show up.

Anonymous said...

Just a comment on how fast Teddy wrote a blog when we lost to USU but two days later still no new blog about the win over UNR. I think a win over UNR is more important than a loss to USU but by the looks of it certain people wouldnt agree with me