Thursday, February 5, 2009

Aggie recruiting class

Are the players that the New Mexico State Aggies signed impact players for the football program? Tough to tell.

One thing that was refreshing on Wednesday though was to hear DeWayne Walker talk about what type of a team he's looking to build. Strong along the lines and lots of talk about the defensive side of the ball.

Now comes the tricky part: Finding out just how skilled these newcomers are and if they can make an impact on the Division-I level. Hal Mumme brought in some talented kids too. Chris Williams, Chase Holbrook and A.J. Harris to name a few. That didn't equal a whole lot of wins.

The team's philosophy will now shift to the defensive side of the ball. I feel a little better about that, but getting real talent is the ultimate key. And it goes deeper than the starters. Building depth is something that has proven to be elusive for the Aggies. Walker has said all the right things so far, however, and I think the team is moving in the right direction. Hopefully, that equals more wins for the program.


Anonymous said...

"DEFENSE wins champioships and a QB's best friend is a good running game"
These are all sayings I grew up with and still believe to be true.

No more gimmicks, just hard work and good old fashioned smash mouth football is what this program needs!
Go Aggies!

Anonymous said...

What was he saying about the D, and what was said about the O side of the ball?

Anonymous said...

One of the poster's on Felix's blog asked, "What happened with Arvell Nelson? He committed, but isn't shown as signed. Nor was he on the list of those who would be graysirting."

Do you know anything about it?