Monday, February 23, 2009

Down year in the WAC

The WAC is not good at all this year in basketball.

I would like to think the Utah State and Nevada are good teams. The reality, though, is that both have a lot to prove. USU has had a soft schedule and Nevada has thrown up some clunkers this year.

NMSU is unproven and inconsistent as well. Those three teams were strong not too long ago. All three were perennial tournament teams.

The reality is that whoever gets a berth this year from the conference will have to win the league tournament. But this does bode well for NMSU. It is a wide open conference. The Aggies lost twice this year to Utah State and split with Nevada. Realistically, they could have swept the Wolf Pack.

Darkhorse teams include Idaho, Boise and possibly even Louisiana Tech. I have not been impressed by San Jose State or Fresno State.


Anonymous said...

Teddy, we are near a top 10 rated conference. Did you do any research before you wrote this? Or is this something that came to you on vacation?

Anonymous said...

thou we hate to say, youth does pay a big role in our conference this year, also if you write 4 the local paper your suppose to be partial...get real brother

Anonymous said...

Teddy is a lobo is disguise!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100 percent Teddy. The WAC has been very lame in basketball this season. Even if the WAC is, or near being a top 10 conference, it's not that only means that teams like Nevada and New Mexico State are maybe in the top 200 individually. The top 5 or 6 conferences produce probably more than half of the NCAA tournament field.

Forgive the ignorant basketball fans in Las Cruces least you didn't have to grow up with them like I did. I have had the opportunity to live other places as an adult and I have seen way better college basketball in other conferences.

Anonymous said...

Really??? There is better conferences than the WAC.... Nobody knew that except you!!! Obviously the acc, big east, big 12, Pac 10.... Should i go on... are way better. Why does everything have to be negative. We even go credit up north for our 6-1 record in the last 7 games!!! Not to mention fox sports did the same!!!!

Anonymous said...

The WAC doesn't seem as strong as it was last year. And even then, it would have been a one bid conference had there not been an upset in the conference tournament.

The Aggies are in good shape going down the stretch. The remaining regular season games are easily winnable. And Utah State, like everyone else, has to play in Reno.

Anonymous said...

Hey, "Negative Nancy," you left on a negative note, and came back negative. You should just stayed away!

All conferences go thru up's and downs. Two years ago the WAC sent 5 teams to post season play! Youth is an issue this year.

I know it took Teddy 10 years to graduate from college but, it usually takes athletes and 80% of the student body, 4 years to graduate, right?!

It's tough to get great play from under classmen year after to year but, I say the WAC will be a tough Mid Major from 2010-2012 and the Aggies will lead the way!


Anonymous said...

I think the WAC is better overall this year. It isn't as good at the top, but overall top-bottom it is a better conference. RPI's show this. We only hhave to teams above 200 in RPI and none in the 300's unlike last year. Hopefully all the youth stays put and as a conference continue to add talent.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:55

What are you basing your opinion on? Have you watched a lot of games? Top to bottom there is a lot more parity in the league. And the numbers show that. Thats why we are ranked as the 11th best conference out of 32. We were not that high last year.

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is that after a week of absence, TF chooses to comment on the status of the WAC instead of commenting on the status of the Aggies. We have a nice little win streak going and can win out the season and finish strong and instead "down year in the Wac". To me the team matters more than the conference and I'd rather be discussing them


Anonymous said...

What the hell is wrong with you!! You bash Menzies, leave for a week and then bash the WAC?!!

In the meantime, the team is getting those scrappy wins and you have nothing to say?!

If you hate your job/ life that much, you should just leave so the LC Sun News can bring someone with an open mind!!