Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mike Martin

Say what you want about Mike Martin but the guy invested into the sports programs at NMSU.

He cared about sports and realized it was an easy way for New Mexico State to get its name out on a national scale. Sometimes the school was successful on the field or court and other times it wasn't. Still, Martin wanted to see the programs have success and to win.

Not all school presidents are necessarily like that. Was everything in the sports stratosphere at NMSU perfect during his tenure? No. Far from it. But he was involved and understood the significance of athletics in the college community. Hopefully that will continue when his replacement comes on board.

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Anonymous said...

Dr. Martin was a great Prez for a school our size. He understood just how important athletics is to this school.

He will be missed. I'm afraid the new Prez will get here and realize we don't have the funds to keep up. We are at the cross roads so it will be interesting to see where we go.