Thursday, June 19, 2008

Chase Holbrook

I think its important to write about NMSU quarterback Chase Holbrook.

A poster has been calling him soft. Again, I don't want to discourage people from putting their opinion on the board, but at the same time this needs to be addressed.

I've written about this before. Anyone who knows Chase knows that he is a good kid, first and foremost. He is quiet. He doesn't try to draw a lot of attention to himself - he often deflects praise to his teammates and accepts criticism when it is thrown his way. He is a good leader and has been a steady performer on the field and when speaking with the media.

The term "soft" can be interpreted a number of ways. A soft player, to me, is someone who is shaken easily in the face of pressure and performs poorly when the spotlight is thrust upon them. In that definition, Chase does not fall under that category.

He has played hard and has played hurt. Some think that it is easy for a quarterback to play in Hal Mumme's "Air-Raid" attack and to a point it is true. QB's put up huge numbers in the system. But Chase is also under a lot of pressure game-in and game-out. Teams know that NMSU is going to air it out and that Chase will drop back on just about every play. Lineman can pin their ears back and go after the quarterback without having to worry as much over the run. Try playing quarterback, and having big, fast and strong men crashing the pocket, just about every play, and knocking you around. It isn't easy. Chase has done it, under good times and bad. Again, without complaint. No bells and whistles. He just plays. I gotta respect that.

I don't know what Chase would do if he played in a different system. He might be great. He might be ordinary. But he's been just fine in Mumme's system. At times, he's been great. Ultimately, he will be judged by NMSU's record. And that's how it should be. But lets not start attacking his character. He's a fine kid and a good player. He will put up big numbers this season, count on it. Hopefully, he can lead the Aggies to a bowl game and quiet the critics.


Anonymous said...

The guy played with cracked ribs and he's called soft?!
Breathing is a task w/ cracked ribs, playing is close to impossible!!

Teams go after Chase on every down and he just does his job.

No Aggies on this team apply!

Anonymous said...

Chase is not soft. We have no O line, so that is why he gets injured so much. If you put Chase behind a competent O line, he is a 1st team All-American. Too bad Mumme doesn't realize this and recruit some O-linemen. Games are won and lost on the line.

Anonymous said...

Chase has been nominated for the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award this past week. They choose from the top 26 QB's in the nation. I think this puts NMSU and Chase in some mighty fine company.

Anonymous said...

The gal that said Chase is "soft," is a Utep or Unm fan that is jealous of what we are about accomplish this season!

Chase will get us to a bowl game this year and will leave as one of the best student athletes and the best record breaking QB to ever come to NMSU!!

I'm not sure what the motto is for this season but here's my take:
"Just Bowl, Baby"

Bowl Ready Aggie

Anonymous said...

So Chase has a record year at the rest of the team's expense,and then goes where all Aggie passing QB's go-north to Canada.THEN WHAT??? Unless there's another golden boy lined up,we'll finally see what kind of mediocre coach Dummy REALLY is!!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9:30 said "at the rest of the team's expense"

WTH are you talking about???????

Chase is, if nothing else ALL ABOUT THE TEAM!
He's not in it for himself and I've never seen close to anthing like what you're trying to sell here.
Ever seen him play??? I doubt it or you wouldn't say something so ignorant of the facts.

First of all for Chase to have individual success, the whole offense has to be successful... For the offense to have success, the defense has to have success! Mumme knows this and brought in Joe Lee Dunn to shore up the defense.

Don't be a hater, it makes you look really bad...

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:36-I have no criticism towards Chase at all-its his COACH that is the one that's seemingly determined to exploit this gifted athlete for all that he can-look back at his coaching history at Kentucky-he's (Mumme)no stranger to this at all-and,didn't the school just get through paying out a lot of money because of HIS actions toward his players?

Judy said...

Anon 9:23....let me explain football in the simplest of terms. QB throws, if there isn't anybody to tackle, catch or run QB does nothing but throw...get it? No record #s--no ball game at all. Even kids on the playground get this concept and yet it seems to elude you.

And professing to have no illwill towards Chase doesn't come across as true since you are constantly questioning his character.( Makes me question your character actually.)

Anonymous said...

Teddy,I thought the idea of this posting was to express ones "opinions"?

ALL who write/post on your site, including sports writers, are not know it alls and don't have all the answers. So, let's not let others cram their ideas down others throats or get agitated when they disagree with someones opinions.

Chase has a tough job, no doubt. He is thrown to the wolves and is always at the mercy of his Offensive line. Because he is not very mobile or athletic, he takes a lot of hits in this offense. I know he could survive longer if we had a better, more traditional running game.

The offense we run is Mummes way of being different and getting his name out there. At the start of each year, Chase is always listed high on the QB lists, only to fall off the radar as the season moves forward. Whose fault is that? People called Hawaiis Colt Brennan a "system" QB last year. If that's true, what the heck is Chase?

Chase does a good job and we expect more this year. Our time has come and it has to be this year.

To all you posters who attack each other; get over it cuz we really don't hold what you post to heart. Arm chair wanna be's.

Anonymous said...

I guess my take on people having the right to post their opinion is the same, but when you personally attack a player toughness such as Chase's who has done nothing to deserve such attack it is uncalled for. Why should someone be allowed to hide behind a keyboard on the internet and spew such BS. Why should he/she not be taken to task for it. If the person has a bone to pick with Mumme, as it appears this one does than title your response to that effect. Don't go after a kid who has done nothing but try to lead by example and has never ever said anything about a single player on his team or questioned his coaching staff. When you go off on a tnagent and call someone out like that you lose all crdence in arguing what may be otherwise valid points. Perhaps there is a reason Chase isn't running around after a play breaks down. Remember he did run the option in HS and at 6'5 and 235 plus pounds I'm sure he could deliver a blow himself. Maybe his safety and health is more important to the overall improvmentof the team that showig some of us that he is athletic. I think we have a pretty good thing going here and am glad Chase is the leading part of it.

Anonymous said...

It is NOT-or EVER-my policy to level criticism at ANY college or HS athlete-my beef is with a coach who's only won 8 games in 3 seasons and cost this school a ton of money through HIS actions alone.The fact that he got a contract extension beyond this season is simply appalling...

Anonymous said...

To quote you The problem still remains - Chase. When that promadona gets hit and goes out, what then. You know Nebraska, under new leadership of that Defensive mastermind; Bo P, they will be hungry and mean. Because its early in the season up there, they will be out to CRUSH us to get their swagger back. They will lay Chase out "Big Time". What then? Mumme never gives his other QB's any reps in game action so they aren't ready when the Golden Child goes down.

I really don't care to go back and find the rest of your negative posts towards the player. Like I said earlier, if you want it to be about the coach you hate, make it such. Don't ruin your effect by questioning the leadership and toughness of OUR QB.

Anonymous said...

hey da with the ol comment unmn gave up 25 sacks/ nmsu gave up 27 and we throw the ball alot more than they do. Hawaii gave up 35. as for our trick offense we were 3rd in the country in 06 last year were bad yes however lets count the offensice injuries. tg,nc,dd,ch,ajh,oh and the all american cw, thats 6 starters who missed games. if you dont like it thats fine. but dont blame the kids.oh and texas tech has 8 bowl bids with it. byu has gone to 3 since bronco put it in. and we dont have half the talent yet. do research dude.

annasign41 said...

well as long as i have known Chase, he is up front, honest, a Great Kid, and can take anything anyone has to throw at him, as far as comments about him, he will shrugg them off, because, he knows that he is giving at least 200%, always has and always will.

Jackson said...

It is spelled Prima Donna and no this does not define who Chase is neither as a person nor a player.

I have just stumbled across this site so excuse me for the lack of introduction, but it appears there is quite a bit of negative that is being directed towards one player. First and foremost, Chase Holbrook is not only an outstanding player but an outstanding person as well.

It is often easy for someone that is not directly involved in something to be critical of the actions or performance of others. If you are critical of Coach Mumme and feel you can do a better job, then return to school to obtain your credentials, work your way through the system and prove your ability to coach. If you are critical of Chase as a quarterback, it is obvious that you do not possess the high level of athletic ability that he has worked to achieve, since you have the time to sit behind a keyboard and criticize others, instead of being out on the field practicing.

Chase is an athlete and a good hearted person. He cares not only for his team, but also those outside the realm of football or sports. He goes on the field when he is called upon to do so and gives it his all. He does carry on or stroke his ego like so many in the spotlight are accustomed to do in sports these days. He is the first to take blame if a play does not go well instead of hiding behind excuses.

It appears there is a problem when people will criticize a person like Chase while they cheer for the actions and excuses of someone like TO.

So I advise instead of hiding behind a perceived shield of an anonymous posting, either support the team and the players or prove that you have the intellectual thinking ability greater than an spider monkey and provide intelligent comments.

Rick Reeves said...

I haven't seen a lot of the Aggies team play till recently. That is mostly due to the fact of Chase becoming the quarterback. I have known him for a long time and know his quarterback character. He is not there to win with/for himself, but there to win with/for his team.

All these people who have bad things to say really should sit back once or twice and listen to what he has to say. After all, his oppinion with football might give them some knowledge and something realistic to say for once.

Oh yeah, Listen to Judy, she deffinatly is one if not the biggest Chase fan. She probably knows him better than anyone else.