Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Attendance follow

There has been a lot of chatter on the last blog entry, particularly in regards to ticket and parking prices.

First off, I appreciate all the posts and don't discourage them. But I was shocked that people were complaining about $2 parking costs. $2!?!? Get some nickels and dimes together and park the automobile! I think that's a fair price. As for NMSU ticket prices compared to others, as recommended by another poster I think an analysis is a good idea. Still, on the surface to me, NMSU seems to stack up well with other schools in and around the area.

Lets face it folks, this really comes down to wins and losses. Doctor T said on the last post that Las Cruces consists of mostly fair weather fans. I don't necessarily disagree. There could be some truth to that, there also might not be some truth to it. The reality, though, is that a lot of places are like that. No one is going to come out the last week of the season against Fresno State in the pouring rain to watch another disappointing year go down the drain. Not here and not in too many other places either.

If the Aggies are playing for something in November, people will show up, guaranteed. Is that fair weather? Could be. Call it whatever you like. But that's the formula. And that's what needs to be done. Take it or leave it.


Anonymous said...

Parking here is dirt cheap. Want to hear some people complain, talk to the UTEP fans. And if the two bucks is too much, there are lots of places within easy walking distance of the stadium where a fan can park for free.

The question I have is this...if the aggies were to have a winning season and get an invite to a bowl, would the price of parking and tickets go up the following season? Seems like that is the pattern.

Anonymous said...

By that logic, 90% of all fans are fair weather fans, which I believe they are.
If Ohio State had our history and record, they'd be in the same boat we're in.

When NMSU is a consistent bowl contender, we'll be adding to Aggie Memorial.
Until then we'll have attendance issues.
I predict that if we beat UNM, UTEP and the 1-AA school we play, and then give Nebraska a decent game, we'll average oner 20K.

Teddy said...

Anon 9:58

I think that's a safe assumption to make.

Anonymous said...

"Call it what you like." Well there is really only one way to view it. Fans in Cruces suck, and people in general just like to complain. My post; case in point.

Anonymous said...

If all the high schools in town do poorly,probably 15K average-people simply will not give their money and support to a perinnial underperforming 1-AA college team disgiused as a 1-A..

Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned that beating UNM and Utep would get everyone excited.
I don't believe that sweeping our rivals makes or breaks the season but, it will help get a lot more attendance the rest of the year.

I don't mind paying $2 for parking but, for you guys complaining about $2 heres a suggestion.
Get to parking lots before 2:00! That's when they start charging at the entrance.

For you guys complaining about $6 GA tickets. I went to the UTEP website and GA tickets for the season are $100. 6 games/ $100 = $16.60 a game!
They also charge $2,500 for preffered FB parking.

Heck, the AAF memebers request $250minimum for parking priviledges!
Quit complaining about the $6/ $2 costs and buy a damn ticket!

Sam Wasson said...

To go see the NMSU/UTEP game in El Paso at the Sun Bowl two years ago it cost me $48 to sit on the 25/30 yard line near the NMSU section (lower part of the stadium). My season tickets (lower bowl reserved seat near the 35/40 yard line) $56... FOR THE ENTIRE SEASON!

Two tickets to go see NMSU play at McKale in our NCAA tourney season, $100 for nosebleed seats (and no air flow either, it was hot as hell). One season ticket, reserved seating that season for NMSU cost around $130... I think we had 18 home games in '06/'07.

People in Las Cruces have no idea how great they have it.

Anonymous said...

Silly me, I thought the complaining of ticket and parking costs was sarcasm!! As much deserved criticism as Mummy gets, fact of the matter is his offense is fun to watch when its clicking. Couple that with more wins, which would translate to meaningful late-season games, and 15,000 average attendance will happen. Win and they will come. Of course, that's much easier said than done for NMSU football. Go Aggies!!
-Aggie Glare

Anonymous said...

Can't complain about the ticket or parking costs.
The only thing that people can complain about is higher ticket prices for a big game.

Honestly, I can't blame NMSU for raising the price two or three bucks to play our rivals or a Boise/ Hawaii.
It's gonna be a sellout and the university knows it will only get 15,000 the rest of the way.
From a business point of view, it makes perfect sense.

$6 tickets to watch a future NFL QB, WR, and one of the most exciting offenses in the land?

Anonymous said...

A possible solution:Discount the home games along with a promotion($5,canned good,and a pulse),offer one price admmission for an entire family,and make up the deficit by playing bodybag games against the likes of,say,LSU,Ohio State,Notre Dame-four of those games in two seasons,cash the checks in,paid attendance problem solved.And a cool 750 grand guarantee payout will soothe any 73-3 loss anyday!!