Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bowl games

A poster on the last blog entry said that getting to the New Mexico Bowl was shooting too low for NMSU.

I'm not going to say that the NM Bowl is the slickest postseason opportunity around. But lets not belittle what it would mean for the program to get there. Any type of bowl berth would have significant meaning to the Aggies.

The fact we're even talking about football postseason play would seem foolish to a fan who has followed the program passively in years past. But some people, including myself, believe that NMSU could go bowling if things fall their way. The school will take it anyway they can get it. Is the NM Bowl the sexiest pick? No. But beggars can't be choosers. Right now, any chance at playing in a bowl game would mean a lot to a team that hasn't been there since 1960.


Anonymous said...

Agree with this post.

Anonymous said...

Here is the WAC's current bowl affiliation:
Sheraton Hawaii Bowl, Humanitarian Bowl in Boise and New Mexico Bowl.

I went to the Hawaii this past year and NMSU did not have a large contingency. Way too far an expensive.

Boise? It's too far and probably too cold.

If you want a large following. Albuturkey is the right place.

I agree that the NM bowl isn't really sexy but, we are trying to build a program and a bigger fan base locally.
If we want fans following the program around the country. We need to get fans on board before we play in bigger bowls down the road!

Go Aggies!!

Anonymous said...

NM Bowl is a great opportunity. The Aggies would benefit from the additional practice and fans would have a chance to drive up to Albuquerque to watch the Aggies during bowl season. The problem here in LC is we have a losing mentality. This has everything to do with our Aggie play of late, but it is also somewhat of an inferiority complex being the little brother to UNM. I think the LCSun-News can be very instrumental in changing our city's perception of the Aggies. Talking about what we aren't going to do and why, and saying that even if we do go to the NM Bowl it isn't much of an accomplisment is just weak. We need to be putting the pressure on the Aggies to improve rather than lower their expecatations so we feel good about ourselves. Be positive, and stop wearing UNM hand-me downs!

Anonymous said...

BOWL GAME? In order to even be CONSIDERED for ANY bowl game,NMSU would need AT LEAST 7 WINS-and just where on this schedule does anyone see 7 wins?UTEP?-not at their place after last year.UNM?-too much talent and a defense.Nicholls and Idaho -and that's really about it-2 wins,MAYBE,JUST MAYBE 4.But with this who-needs-defense coach,i doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Of course a bowl game for this program would be great. Do we get a lot of fans to go to Albuq when we play there in non-conference?

Who would we play in that game, a Mt West - former WAC school?

Will the Nichols state game, if we win, even count towards a bowl? Those type of games are scary because our guys know who they are and if we play Big Headed, we could get beat even at home. Didn't we almost give it away against Pine Bluff?

Anyway, I hope our football program wins them all and wins them big. That is what has to happen in order for our entire program to grow. Good luck Aggies.

Anonymous said...

Let's worry about ending the 48 year bowl drought first, before we get picky about which bowls we should go to.

If it's the New Mexico Bowl or the Juarez Bowl, who cares?!
It's a bowl and it stops the bleeding!

Let me ask the question.
How many of your are willing to travel to Hawaii, Boise or Albuturkey to see NMSU play in it's first bowl game in almost 50 years?


Buck Nasty said...

We only need 6 wins to be bowl eligible and Nicholls State does count towards that number. A bowl game is not too far fetched if we stay healthy. With minimal injuries I see no reason why we can't beat Nicholls State, Idaho, Utah St, SJSU, and La Tech. We get SJSU and La Tech at home, the tougher of the 5 games. I think this is the year we also finally beat UNM. The UTEP game is a toss up. It's at the Sun Bowl, but UTEP has been anything but unbeatable there the last few years. As they say, "You Gotta Believe."

Anonymous said...

Hey Buck-6-6 didn't get Arizona in last year,or any other teams.This team will need 7 wins in a conference where Hawaii,Boise State,Nevada,and Fresno will go bowling ahead of anyone else-with a no-confidence vote in Coach Mumme,MAYBE -JUST MAYBE 4 wins in '08.

Anonymous said...

BTW,Hal Dummy has yet to win even one ROAD game ...

Anonymous said...

I would go to the NM Bowl if the Aggies were in it. "Hal Dummy" has no road wins? Wow. I actually had to look that up because I didn't believe it. We are also currently on a 5-game losing streak. I guess I blocked those facts. The Aggies need to open the season 2-1, or having an average attendance of less than 15,000 fans will happen again. Wins over UTEP and UNM in the same season would bring the fans back in droves. It is that simple. Next season is all about two games (UTEP and UNM). Win them both and that should carry the Aggies to 6 wins atleast. Start out 1-3 and we should start embracing the idea of dropping down to Division II (or whatever it is called now). Cross your fingers.

Anonymous said...

No Road wins??
I guess someone forget that NMSU beat Utah St. in the season finale two years ago in Logan.


Buck Nasty said...

Sorry to dissapoint anon 8:54, but 6-6 will get us in the NM Bowl. The NM Bowl committee gets to decide who they invite of the bowl eligible teams available. Because NMSU will sell more tickets in Albuquerque than any other team in the WAC we will get the first invite if we are bowl eligible.