Thursday, May 22, 2008

Some material from Louisiana

Both of these come from the News Star in Monroe, Louisiana. First off, some La. Tech basketball players were blindsided by their release from the team. Check it out

The Bulldogs were awful last season but it appears like this is somewhat of a surprise. Washington brought some firepower on offense and Lathan is a local product.

Also, something on WAC baseball. NMSU is mentioned due to their high-octane offense.


Anonymous said...

Its a bad thing for coaches to get rid of players based on them not being good enough or if they just weren't "their" kids. I have no problem with coaches running off problem kids. The APR is a joke and it needs to be looked at in great detail. When a coach is building a program, there are times when the coach/player relationship just doesn't work and the kids will need to find a new home. If coach and player work together to find that new home, both can benefit, but then the APR penalizes the program. Again, the APR makes little sense.

Now, we Aggie fans have watched, too many times, coaches keep problem kids who weren't doing the right things just because they had talent. Theus was all about that and brought in kids who did not represent NMSU in a positive manner. But, it was Theus so no one cared. Fast forward a year and all heck broke loose. I feel bad for Menzies because he had to clean up the mess Theus had made.

markinnm said...

Read in today where NMSU has received a verbal commitment from Donte Savage to play this year. He is a (3 star) DE 6'3 255 lbs from Fork Union Prep in Virginia.

Anonymous said...

The APR needs to be fixed but, at the end of the day, coaches need to win.

Rocky Ward just finished his last contractual year and third straight losing season.
So, is he gone? Whats the latest?