Wednesday, May 7, 2008


San Antonio quarterback Drew Allen confirmed to that he got a scholarship offer from New Mexico State.

This brings us to an interesting topic: an overabundance of quarterback talent at NMSU. Obviously Chase Holbrook is the QB this season but after that it's wide open.

J.J. McDermott is the backup as we speak. Trevor Walls - I believe that's his name - should be here next season. Now Allen possibly. The QB position, if you load up on scholarships, it becomes a transfer haven. Does Mumme not believe in McDermott? He has options after this year. An interesting development to keep an eye on.


Anonymous said...

I think it is a good idea. We should sign a QB every year. All of the big schools do it, so why shouldn't we do it.

Anonymous said...

sources in waverly, ohio are saying that trevor walls will not grayshirt and will report to NMSU at the beginning of july. he is now 6'6" 231 lbs. it was reported on a southern ohio website that NMSU believes he more ready than they thought. the kid is the real deal. he is also a great basketball player.

Anonymous said...

Don't even start with a Mumme/ McDermott controversy!

JJ, in my opinion will be better than Chase in a couple of years.

These signing are for depth. Look at the depth we've had in the past years.
- 2005, Joey Vincent and Royal Gill train wreck!
- 2006, Chase was backed up by Gibson, who isn't on the roster.
- 2007, Chase was backed up by JJ. A true Freshman that did a heck of a job.

Another thing you have to remember, all of these kids look good on paper. The field is a different thing.

This will be the year we bowl!!


Infamous Chuck said...

He was offered, but has he accepted?

I think McDermott has shown signs of running the offense, the few times he has played. Walls will add depth, as he learns the system. We know that if we cant keep a qb upright, we are going to need the extra depth in this system. I think the other question is what happens to Philipbar (Soph.) and Galland (RSFr.) both are listed as qb's. Do you think it would become a transfer situation or a position switch.

Obviously there are other needs that need to be addressed, but no need to panic if this is only an offer and it hasn't been accepted yet.

Sam W. said...

Sorry Teddy, you're definitely missing the point on this one.

You can never ever ever ever ever have too many good quality quarterbacks. Look at what happened to UCLA. They lost their two top quarterbacks for the season in the SAME spring scrimmage a couple weeks ago. And both were conducting NON CONTACT drills.

For a more historical perspective, look at the situation at Texas Tech for all those seasons starting way back with Kliff Kingsbury then progressing to B.J. Symons then to Sonny Cumbie then to Cody Hodges and now Graham Harrell. Symons, Cumbie and Hodges all sat on the bench three of their four years at Tech waiting for their shot and were seniors when they finally won the starting job. The first three of those five quarterbacks (Kingsbury, Symons and Cumbie) had three of the top six single season passing performances in the NCAA.

All four of those first five guys knew they could be a starter. They didn't transfer. Why? They wanted their shot in Leach's system, whether it was going to be one year, two years, or three or more years (as will be the case for Graham Harrell).

J.J. McDermott will be a junior next season, if Allen were to come to NMSU then the Aggies would have a junior a RS freshman and a true freshman, not all that different than last year when they had Chase (junior), Alex Gibson (either a frosh or a RS frosh) and J.J. (true frosh).

I think you're way off base in your thought that the Aggies would have an overabundance of talent at QB and even further off base in your questioning of Coach Mumme's belief in J.J. McDermott.

Would it result in a "transfer haven"? Who knows, every kid wants playing time, ever kid is different but look, J.J. knew that Chase was going to be here for two of his four years and he still showed up, same goes for the Allen/McDermott situation, why would that stop him [Allen] from coming?

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's unusual to have 3 qb's on the roster. Anything can happen. This is a hard hitting game. Chase went out a few games and our entire system was shut down. JJ is very good, I read great things about Walls and I think Mumme & Co. are trying to spread the talent in such a way that we can progress smoothly the entire season. Just a thought

Anonymous said...

Yes, Teddy, you can never, never have enough quality QBs on the roster. Last year Oregon won the Sun Bowl with the QB who started out the year 5th on the depth chart.

Tim said...

I'm with the other Aggie fans on this one. Having three, four good quarterbacks on your roster is a very good thing. Mumme isn't bringing them in saying, "The starting job is yours." He's saying, "The starting job is entirely up to you and how well you perform." Competition is the best thing and these qbs have good backrounds in highschool, but college is totally different, and like the saying goes "Never put all your eggs in one (or two baskets).
One thought: Trevor Walls, 6'6", 235 lbs.; definitely has impressive size for a qb. Lets hope he can take advantage of it.

Anonymous said...

Teddy our program needs depth more than anything!!

The chances of Qb's taking every snap in the system is not realistic. Plus developing depth and creating comp. is how u get better as a team.

Anonymous said...

We better have a solid group of QB's since Chase is a little soft and WILL miss games again. The so called Air Raid needs to be just that and that calls for throwers!

There is a BIG difference between the two Air Raid systems of NMSU and Texas Tech. At TX Tech they throw the ball down field for yeards. Here at NMSU we throw it two yards and our guys run with it. I'm still not sure why we call this the Air Raid. Can anyone clear that up for me?

Bowling? Are we all going to Sun Lanes? This group is still a ways away from a Bowl game.I hope I am wrong, but I know Chase is too soft and with him missing games our chances aren't as good.

Anonymous said...

nm, I was going to comment on this last remark, but it isn't worthy of my time

Anonymous said...

Being from Waverly,Ohio,I can only speak regarding the potential of Trevor Walls.In addition to having a massive frame,Walls is graduating first in his class and is equally smart on the field. The kid runs the no-huddle offense like a pro and is unreal under pressure.Coach Mumme probably knows that he will catch on very fast and "if needed" contribute in practice and even game situations if needed.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:47 -- Are you kidding? You have to be kidding. How on God's green earth do you say that Chase is soft, with a straight face? The kid is tough as nails, and cares only about winning. Stick to commenting in the Sound Off, with all the other fools. At least there you won't have guys like me correcting your mistakes.

Markinnm said...

Aggie fans, don't get worked up quite yet over the talk of Drew Allen. I went to and saw that 8 other schools are also recruiting him as well. They list: Colorado, Ole Miss, Purdue, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest & SMU along with us in the mix.

Anonymous said...

I heard a walk on named Frank Allison was in the QB mix next year too.

Anonymous said...

Its pretty obvious that the Allen kid is waiting for an offer from Ole Miss when you read his Rivals summary. Not sure why people are gettting all worked up, he aint coming here. Why doesn't Mumme recruit a defensive players for a change.

Anonymous said...

Hey Teddy, how about some coverage of the Aggie golf team? They are representing us well in the NCAA's.

Anonymous said...

NMSU has one of the best prep school football players in the nation is going to sign with NMSU, and visited NMSU a few weeks ago, and you had no idea. Well we got a kid three-star 6'3 255 DE. Check Out for article.

Anonymous said...

The Walls Kid from Waverly has been coached by two former DI QB's in High School.
He is as smart of a QB that any Football Coach could hope for. Very accurate does not throw the INT's and is a natural leader.
Had a solid Basketball season avg over 20pts a game and at 6'6" brought the ball down against full court presses. Scored 42pts one night in a very tight game where the B-Ball team needed every one of the points to pull out a win.
Was tied on Baseball Team for HR leader. Solid 1st Baseman.
Had a great off season in the weight room and does not look like the same kid people saw last fall.
Mother was a DI athlete, dad a Navy man. The Aggies got a great steal. Everybody back here wants to run the WVU Offense with the QB a runner first and thrower as a last resort.
Graduated NO#1 in Class and loves the game of football.

waveblue said...

The QB from Waverly, Trevor Walls is a different looking kid from the spring. He has hit the weightroom and has worked hard in the offseason.
The Walls kid was 2 time All Ohio QB and also averaged 20pts a game in Basketball at 6'6" he brought the ball down against full court Presses this season. In addition he was tied for Homerun lead on his baseball team.
Threw for over 6.000 yards and 67 TD's and only 11 Int's in his last two seasons. His QB coaches were both DI QB's. Very smart and learns and loves the game.
Everybody back here wants to run the WVU Spread Offense and have the QB more as a runner than a QB. The Walls kid ran a 4.9 last year more importantly the kid is a winner.
Graduated No.#1 in his class.
The Aggies got the steal at the QB position.