Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mayfield ranking

Mayfield High School was ranked the No. 1 high school sports program in New Mexico by Sports Illustrated.

Here is the list, state by state

Here's SI's Top-25, although Mayfield is not on this list:


Anonymous said...

Cool but, doesn't this belong to Felix "Prep, ponies and pugs?"
He is the HS beat writer, right?

How about some info on NMSU?
Rocky Ward just finished his final contractual year. Is he getting a new contract or is it adios?

Dr. Martin LSU deal, Menzies BBal camp, softball camps, etc.
A lot of NMSU stuff going on.

Anonymous said...

Besides football, what other sports is Mayfield outstanding at?

Anonymous said...

I hear ya. Let Felix do the HS stuff and give us the scoop on NMSU.

Yes, Rocky Ward was in the last year of his contract. Dr. Boston likes letting coaches go in to the last year of their contracts, doesn't he? Oh, only if they are coaches brought in by Brian Faison, former AD. Wouldn't make you feel comfortable if you were one of those coaches now would it? His boy; Mumme, got a raise and an extension for losing and having attendance dwindle away. Back to Rocky. His team did improve on win total from a year ago and they made the WAC tournament for the first time in three years. Is that enough to get an extension? His W-L record was still way under .500, as was the WAC regular season record and they went Two and Done in WAC tournament. so will Boston bring him back? Good question. We'll probably have to wait til freakin August for Boston to get anything done on it!! Rocky is a good guy, is a part of our community, but just needs a break or two with injuries and consistency in play. I bet Boston keeps him because brining in a NEW coach would mean a higher salary and he won't want to spend any more money. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Besides football, what else matters?

Anonymous said...

anon 6:16 - How do your feet taste? You did a great job putting them into your mouth.