Thursday, December 6, 2012

Walker: No interview, contact with Cal

Spoke with DeWayne Walker today, who's name has popped up as a possible candidate for the defensive coordinator position at California. Sonny Dykes was introduced as Cal's new head coach on Wednesday.

The speculation makes sense to some degree.

Walker, who just completed his fourth year at NMSU, used to coach against Dykes when the two were assistants in the Pacific 10 Conference and then as opposing head coach’s in the Western Athletic Conference.

With experience as a defensive coordinator at both UCLA and USC, Walker has a history in the newly-formed Pac 12 and is well connected in California.

Walker finished this year with a 1-11 record (he has a 10-40 record during his tenure at NMSU). While he has four years remaining on his contract after signing an extension this past offseason, Walker has often talked of the lack of resources surrounding the Aggie program.

When contacted by phone on Thursday, Walker said he has not been interviewed for the Cal job nor has he been contacted by the school.

“My main concern is, what do we have to do to make football a priority as a group (at New Mexico State),” he said. “That’s my main concern: What are we doing?”

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Anonymous said...

"What do we have to do to make football a priority at NMSU..." It's obvious thru the season that he's frustrated w/ his bosses not investing the resources into his program.

You see SJSU, Utah St. and LaTech.
These coaches were hired at the same time or within a year of CDW but, look at the growth of their programs vs. NMSU? Night & Day!!

Is Walker a bad coach? No!
How about Jim Hess, Tony Samuels or Hal Mumme? NO!
You can't believe that all NMSU coaches have been bad?!

It's the the NMSU system of nickel & diming the program!!
NMSU needs to do a 180 when it comes to football.
If things remain the same, I can't blame CDW if he leaves for PAC 12 job!!

Anonymous said...

NMSU has a history of promising a lot and then screwing the coaches before showing them the door.

If anyone needs to be showed the door, it is Boston!
The Regents need to jump on board or get out of the way.

Either way. NMSU has a broken system, not the coaches, it's NMSU!

Anonymous said...

Not many programs going to take on a coach with a 10-40 record, regardless of the reason for the record.