Friday, December 28, 2012

Aggie men's basketball enters WAC play as likely favorites

The New Mexico State Aggie men's basketball team enters Western Athletic Conference play this weekend as likely favorites to contend for a league championship.

Yes, NMSU is 6-6 and has no marquee wins to speak of. But the WAC gets progressively worse with each passing season and NMSU typically challenges, and some years wins, league titles.

Physically the Aggies should hold an edge in the WAC — size, strength and athleticism. And they've shown a penchant to overpower undersized teams (and such opponents should be prominent on the WAC schedule). The WAC preseason rankings had the Aggies picked to finish first in the coaches poll and second in the media poll.

NMSU opens WAC play this weekend with a road game at Texas-Arlington on Saturday and then another road game at Louisiana Tech on Monday. Per usual, they should be in the top-half of the league standings and playing for something in March.

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Anonymous said...

Well Teddy as much as I like your posts, I have to disagree after the whooping the men took to UT-Arlington. How embarrassing! The seniors have yet to show up this season. No one player is consistent on this roster. Every game it's someone different scoring while everyone else doesn't show up. Sy and Watson are in their final season and they're playing worse than they did as freshman. I'm sure SOMEONE will say "oh they're getting rebounds." Who cares! Points are what win games and scoring 2 and 4 points respectively is pathetic. Even though we beat up MO St. the other day, the players look lost on the court and they honestly don't play like a team. Sim is playing solid for a young player. Not taking anything away from Sim, but I'd be ashamed to be out played by a freshman if I was a senior.
All our percentages (FT, 3Pt and Pts) are horrible. Of course what do we hear on the post game show....."We need to go back and look at the tape." Come on Coach!
I will say congrats to UNM in their victory over Cinci. At least they're representing NM will dignity. Sad that they have the same recruiting hurdles/budget NMSU does and they're a cut above our team. And yes we have an experienced team, but playing like a bunch of rookies.
Yeah we could look forward to league play, but a poor showing like tonight is a sign that we'll be lucky to win half our WAC games. Very disappointed.


Anonymous said...

500 at best. Weak seniors. No point. Period.

Anonymous said...

Better tell the other teams in the WAC that the Aggies are the best team in the WAC. UTA sure didn't know it (and kicked serious Aggie butt).

Anonymous said...

You're right. Menzies post-game interviews where he says he needs to look at the tape underscores the fact that he's unable to coach in real time. Maybe Menzies could look at previous years' tapes, maybe even previous coaches' tapes, and figure out how to make decisions and adjustments during a game. At the UNM and Miner games I was hoping that he would get a couple of technicals and get thrown out so that one of the assistants could take over. We won the UTEP game a few years back only because he was sitting in the dressing room while his assistant actually coached the team.