Thursday, April 19, 2012

DeWayne Walker: ‘Manley's our starter’

It's not a surprise.

The fact that quarterback Andrew Manley will be the Aggies starter in 2012 barring full health.

He's proven he can play and get the ball downfield when given the time.

“Manley's our starter,” NMSU head coach DeWayne Walker said following Thursday's spring football practice.

The question remains, who will be Manley's backup?

It could stand to reason that the team would like to redshirt sophomore Travaughn Colwell, considering he has a longer shelf life than junior college transfer Andrew McDonald.

That, and Colwell could use a year to learn the nuances of the position.


The more I think about it, the more I believe a player or two will emerge at the wide receiver position.

Austin Franklin looked good as a freshman last year and Kemonte Bateman has some big-play potential.

There are other possible players as well — Marcus Williams, Kevan Walker, Joseph Mathews and Adam Shapiro.

That, and I have faith in position coach R. Todd Littlejohn to make it work with the unit.


Back to the running back position very quickly.

Robert Clay is a proven tough runner, and the team likes what it's getting from incoming player Lavoris Powell.

One thing the Aggies could use out of the backfield is a big-play threat outside the tackles.

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Anonymous said...

I cant wait to watch Manley. The little he played last year was the highlight of the season.

Anonymous said...

I love the sound of the chirping birds in the background on the Teddy & Brook show.

What ally in Las Cruces is that show filmed in ?

Anonymous said...

Manley does have a lot of potential and he could be a good QB but he still has to make good decisions as to where and when to throw the ball and get rid of what appears to be a homerun mentality. It seems like he has shown to only want to throw the long ball. The offensive line will be the key to the success of Manley. If they do their job, he will have some success. I don't agree he was even close to the highlight of last season but hope he is this year.

Teddy said...

Agree with 11:47