Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Aggie prospects for 2012 NFL Draft

(Photo of Jonte Green courtesy of NMSU Athletics)

There are no Davon House's in this year's NFL Draft.

That is, no New Mexico State Aggies who are sure-fire selections, no fourth-round picks that come off the board.

But do Taveon Rogers and Jonte Green have a shot at being taken, perhaps in the later rounds on Saturday? Yes, they do.

Both have the body types, and the running ability, to be considered NFL prospects.

That, and Donyae Coleman and Kenny Turner — while appearing like long-shots to hear their names called this weekend — still have good chances at making NFL camps this summer.

We give a scouting report on what former Aggies to keep an eye on as the NFL Draft kicks off today, and heading into the coming months leading up to the season.

Jonte Green
Position: Cornerback
Scouting report: Green is similar to Rogers — from a physical standpoint they both pass the test, and both players can run. Green got better as last year went on — he showed some needed production to go with his body frame (5-11, 191 pounds). Some teams flew Green in for workouts this offseason and, similar to Rogers as well, he would be a project player on the next level.
Projected destination: Possible selection between rounds five and seven
Quote note: “At the end the year with those picks, it was a boost. Hopefully I can continue that going forward, making those plays.”
— Green on ending last season with two interceptions in the Aggies final two games

Taveon Rogers
Position: Wide receiver
Scouting report: The kid can fly and is a multi-dimensional threat as a wide receiver and a kick returner. Rogers is not polished as a wideout, although with top-flight professional coaching, has the tools to work with — the right body-type (5-foot-11, 190 pounds) with blazing speed. Rogers is in the mold of a track athlete, with more straight-line speed to his repertoire.
Projected destination: Possible selection between rounds five and seven
Quote to note: “It puts me in a good place. I can do both for a team….It gives me versatility, and definitely brings more value to a team.”
— Rogers on being a wide receiver and kick returner

Donyae Coleman
Position: Safety
Scouting report: Will Coleman get drafted? It's not likely. But you've gotta like his makeup. Coleman had a good pro day at NMSU in early April, and was a good player for the Aggies the past two years. Coleman was physical and always found himself around the ball, production that should garner recognition. Coleman should find a pro camp to land in as an undrafted free agent, and the Canadian Football League looks like a good possible landing spot as well.
Projected destination: Undrafted free agent
Quote to note: “I've worked my tail off and the coaches put me in a position to have a good year….I feel like I'll play next year. I'm not sure I'll get drafted. But I feel like I'll be one of the better free agent safeties out there.”
— Donyae Coleman

Kenny Turner
Position: Running back
Scouting report: The 26-year-old Turner had a big year for the Aggies in 2011 and left school a year early for the NFL Draft. He suffered a groin injury during Aggie pro day — this hurt his chances in terms of working out for scouts. Turner's age and past history could play a factor for NFL teams come draft time. Similar to Coleman, however, Turner could very well find an NFL camp leading up to the season, and the CFL would seem like a good fit as well.
Projected destination: Undrafted free agent
Quote to note: “Late round, free agent pickup. That's what I'm expecting at this point. But I'll be ready to go no matter what. I've been waiting for this.”
— Kenny Turner

Mike Grady
Position: Center
Scouting report: Grady was recently contacted by an NFL team and here's why — he has the size and intelligence for a club possibly in the market for a backup center. For that reason, he can't be counted out. Still, Grady has battled to stay healthy in past years — he consistently played as a wounded warrior the last two seasons — and could struggle to hold up physically.
Projected destination: Possible undrafted free agent
Quote to note: “I always told myself if the opportunity arose, it would be something I would pursue. We'll just see where the process goes.”
— Mike Grady


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Any word on if Kenny Turner was signed by anyone?

Teddy said...

Not yet