Saturday, April 7, 2012

The question: Will Menzies land CSU job?

One would expect a school or two to show some interest in Marvin Menzies.

The head coach of the Aggie men’s basketball team has gone to the NCAA Tournament two of the last three years, and has a 102-68 overall record at the school during his five-year tenure.

For those reasons alone, it shouldn’t be considered a surprise that he’s a candidate for the head coaching vacancy at Colorado State.

Would it be a surprise if he got the job?

It obviously depends on the other coaches involved — Southern Mississippi's Larry Eustachy could be a front-line candidate for the position. Names such as St. John's assistant coach Mike Dunlap, Weber State head coach Randy Rahe, and University of New Mexico assistant coach Craig Neal have also popped up.

Would the Colorado State position be an upgrade over NMSU?

According to a USA database, last year’s head coach at CSU Tim Miles — who accepted the same position at the University of Nebraska — made $585,000, compared to Menzies’ $340,000 earnings. Yes, from a financial standpoint, it would be.

That, and the Mountain West has to be considered a better basketball league than the WAC, at least at this point — last year, the MWC had a national RPI ranking of five, while the WAC came in at 12. There were also four Mountain West schools that made the NCAA Tournament last year — New Mexico, UNLV, San Diego State and CSU — while the WAC sent just NMSU to the Big Dance.

So, a conference upgrade it would be as well.

If you're Menzies, listening and interviewing for the position could be considered a must — in a sense, he has to do it.

With that being said, I do not think Menzies necessarily has a bad situation here at New Mexico State.

Him, along with his staff, have further established some winning basketball on the court, and an identity.

The program has brought in some players, and has carved out a recruiting pipeline in Canada, which has treated it pretty well.

It's been a job that's afforded Menzies a chance to grow into such a role, and there is still room for growth for the head coach as well.

There's no guarantees that it would be the same script at a school like CSU, which doesn't necessarily have a fledging basketball tradition of its own.

Does Menzies have a shot? Absolutely. He interviewed for the position on Friday night and, again, two NCAA Tournament appearances in three years should generate such interest.

But my gut tells me he's still a year or two away of more successful basketball — and continued growth on the job — from landing such a position.

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Anonymous said...

Good insight you shed to this story. How much might this be a big ploy to get a raise from NMSU?

Anonymous said...

'Ploy' is hardly an operative word. When a coach has success he is approached by others...this is no more of a 'ploy' than any professional employee being good and approached by another firm, corporation, or agency. It's all part of good old American capitalism and I say, Bravo! That said, are NCAA D-1 coaches overpaid.... absolutely, but sadly, that's the market we are in right now. If you don't like it, go to D-2.

Anonymous said...

"Him, along with his staff, have further established some winning basketball on the court, and an identity."

Remove the prepositional phrase "along with his staff" and you get "Him have further established some winning basketball ..."

Me think sentence like that just like watching Aggie basketball offensive set.

(Note the sub-textual use of "offensive.")

You know what else is offensive? What collegiate sports has become. Very, very few athletic departments can pay for themselves.

So, if Marvin Menzies uses his flirtation with CSU to gain a bump in his salary, just know that it's not as result of increased attendance or ticket sales. Nope. That half-million or more per year will come NMSU student-fees, which, like their tuition, is increased again this year. While filling out your student loan applications, understand that years from now as you make your monthly loan repayments, some of that money was used to pay an offensively high salary to a coach whose games you probably never attended.

When will New Mexicans say "ENOUGH!" to these exploitive people like Boston McKinley (or whatever the AD's name is) and Menzies? They've no conscience, if they can drive around Las Cruces and Dona Ana County and not see the reality of a community that struggles to even feed a portion of its own.

People will argue that the status of NCAA sports has simply blown up and is so far out of control that there's no reigning it in and we should just live with it. McKinley always resorts to the cliche, "well, that's what the market is and if we want to compete, we have to pay what the market pays."

No. We don't. I'm sure there's probably only a few thousand basketball fiends out there who would gladly work his tail off and coach a team to 20 -25 wins a season and all for a salary that is commensurate with a faculty member.

I love NCAA football and basketball, but I'm conflicted with what it's become over the last 20 years: WIN at all costs. Money? Doesn't matter. Need a new gym to practice in because the Pan Am isn't good enough to practice in? We'll make the students pay for it and lump that in with something called "Student Fees."

I would say show your dissatisfaction by not attending the home games, but it looks like no one already goes.

Anonymous said...

If he goes, fine. If he stays, fine. Whether he goes or stays, it shouldn't cost NMSU anymore money either way since he recently secured a contract extension. NMSU administration should stand pat; let CSU make an offer if they want.

And two appearances in the NCAA tourney by the Aggies doesn't necessarily make coach Menzies the best coach in the land, especially considering the Aggies didn't make it as an at-large team, but an automatic qualifier who won a conference tourney to get in. When the Aggies can get in because they are good, regardless of whether they win a conference tourney title or not, then that's saying something. Until that time, Menzies going or staying is no big deal.

Anonymous said...

will you people wake up he made half a million this year go to nmsu and look it up. yes his base salary is 285 but with bonus money it was half a million. he is over paid when he doesnt care about beating unm and utep.

Anonymous said...

...and yet, attendance continues to drop every year he has been here!!

Fine if he stays, and if he leaves (I hope), I say promote Tony Delk to head coach.

Delk is the younger verion of Reggie Theus and it would be a shame if we let an up & coming coach like Tony leave.

Hire Tony Delk!!


Anonymous said...

Oh if only it were that simple. What you negative nancys fail to understand is that if he does leave, we would certainly have to pay the new coach more anyway. Its what the market demands. If NMSU comes close to matching CSU's offer and Menzies still leaves, it will be because he is tired of the pathetic fan base in Cruces. Yes, people like anon 11:21, who most likely part of NMSU faculty. if anon 11:21, or the faculty he defends would like to earn more, perhaps they should have become coaches. We are lucky to have Menzies.He appears to be a good guy, and recruits players who are graduating. We were on the verge of a nice run. His departure will set us back years.

Anonymous said...

Negative Nancys drive the coach away? Anon 7:30, you need to stay away from those mushrooms that are growing in your back yard.

If the coach can't handle the pittance of negativity here, just wait until he gets to a place where there are real expectations of success.

And no, we wouldn't necessarily have to pay the new guy more. If we hire one of the assistants, why would we? Guess you fail to understand that.

I will agree that Menzies is a good guy, and recruits for the most part good kids.

I would prefer he stay and keeps building the program to a point where, if he leaves, he will leave with NMSU being considered the best in the conference (by winning the regular season title and making it to the NCAAS) and go to a better situation than CSU can provided.

If he does get the offer and takes it, I wish him the very best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Funny how so many people want him gone.. Can your bright ideas enlighten me on realistically who could replace him?? Please refresh my mind on how attractive the job looks right now.. What do you tell someone when you don't even know whats going on with the league. What conference will they end up being part of. What coach will even want to deal with that, especially trying to recruit kids and not knowing what conference they will play in. Nothing like winning 26 games and people mad cuz you didn't get 30 LOL!!!!! Let's get another "Theus" to use us as a stepping stone and who dont give a crap about the city or school. If I were Menzies, I would want to leave too especially when you have a winning program consistently and no fans to show support. And get over the tired excuse of the Rivals... If I recall correctly, he won at UNM then beat UTEP and guess what.... Fans still didnt show up after. Realistically what has UNM done in the last 5 years that NMSU hasnt.

joe said...

how are you going to pay him more when attendance drops so much. Man the old days of the aggies now that was something.

Anonymous said...

11:21, what percentage of games do you attend during the season?

joe said...

this is joe and i dont attend because i cant stand the way menzie coaches. His players have no discipline and he is way over paid. just cause he makes the tournament it is one and done. check his track record. The wac is a weak confrence. Let me ask you do you remember 10000 plus every nite. I do.