Monday, April 16, 2012

MVCS to hire Mike Draper as head coach

The Mesilla Valley Christian SonBlazers will hire Mike Draper as the head coach of their football program.

The school will hold a press conference on Tuesday at 8:30 a.m.

Draper coached at Mayfield from 1983-94 and reached the state championship game in 1987 — it wasn’t a particularly impressive tenure, as he proceeded Jim Bradley at the school

He does have plenty of experience — stops at La Cueva, Highland High School, Estancia High School, and Moriarity High School.

After winning the Class A state championship last year, the SonBlazers will compete in Class 2A in 2012.


anthony said...

he was my jr high coach and was the most abusive coach that would spit in your face and kick you. That is why the kids jumped him and broke his ribs for the way he treated them. God help mvc.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was at MHS from '83 to '86, and Draper was great ... at winning four games out of ten.

He was a failure as a football coach and an even worse teacher. Additionally, while he was trying to earn a master's degree, I learned he could barely write a complete sentence. (I have family who were faculty then and he was enrolled in their classes.)

I can't imagine what he'll bring to a faith-based high school other than a prime example of "here's how NOT to lead a virtuous life."

Not only was he a physically abusive coach, he was an emotionally abusive teacher, often publicly picking on students' physical flaws.

If Mike Draper thinks Las Crucens have forgotten his disgusting behaviors, think again. There are many others like Anthony and I who will have no problem to remind MVCS what kind of monster they hired.

Vic said...

I went to Lynn jr high when Draper was the football coach. He treated us pretty good. I enjoyed playing ball for him. I remember hearing stories though of how he got thrown in to the irrigation ditch at LCHS by the players when he was an assistant there. I wish him the very best at his new position.