Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Scouting Louisiana Tech, and a question about Kenny Turner's future

Lets just start out by saying that this Saturday looks to be a tough game for the Aggie football team.

On the road, playing Louisiana Tech as 19-point underdogs.

With a win, the Bulldogs will clinch a share of the WAC title, so a letdown seems unlikely — the Bulldogs should be ready for this one.

They've won five straight games, including road wins at Ole Miss and Nevada.

Offensively, the Bulldogs look to throw the football. Senior quarterback Colby Cameron has started the last four games for the team, and played in the last five.

Louisiana Tech has gone to a three-back look at times — a loaded-spread formation. This gives them versatility in the running and passing game.

But defensively is where the Bulldogs have surprised me this year. They're a quick team and will play mostly zone in the secondary, while bringing just a four-man rush.

The Aggies have played two straight bad games on the road — at Georgia and at BYU.

Keys for the Aggies: they will have to run the ball to control the clock and could find some holes in the Bulldogs secondary in the short and intermediate passing game. We've been saying it all season — the Aggies are better suited playing with a lead, and aren't suited playing from behind.


Asked junior running back Kenny Turner about his future next year — there has been talk about Turner possibly entering the NFL Draft.

He's had a big year for the Aggies — this year he's done exactly what they brought him in for.

For the record, I am not at the point where I can tell you if Turner should stay or go. I will say that I wonder about his size on the next level, although perhaps if a team found the right niche for him — as an h-back type or third-down running back — that might work. I think he could play some special teams.

Again, he's had a big year for NMSU, is in his mid-20s and is good friend with current NFL players Chris Johnson and Mike Sim-Walker — I could understand him considering his future at this point.

Anyway, here's what he he had to say about next year:

“I'm not really worried about that, I'm just trying to focus on these next two games. When next year comes, it's gonna come. I'll be ready.”

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Anonymous said...

awesome blog on kenny i here his leaving. A close source told me he's leaving for sure, which is good and bad good for him to get to the next level bad for us.i DONT KNOW ABOUT U TEDDY BUT WE REALLY HAVE A GREAT CHANCE TO WIN THE WAC NEXT YEAR!! With him manley,clay, franklin,kaka, bateman coming back things should look great for us.

Anonymous said...

I Think Kenny should stay and try to become WAC POY and one of the best success stories in College FB.

Stay Kenny! And take us bowling!


JD said...

Tell Turner to ask Gillenwater how leaving early works our for you.... The level of competition that NM State is exposed to does not translate well to our players leaving early. Tide is gradually turning, Kenny needs to be around to but up a solid senior season, not be a 6 round pick. T think Rogers translates a lot better to NFL right now, and he is probably a 6 or 7th rounder......thoughts???