Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thoughts following Aggies vs. Georgia

The New Mexico State Aggies didn’t play their best football on Saturday at USC.

I didn’t think the Aggies would win, but I thought they would keep it within three to four touchdowns — instead they lost 63-16. I thought Georgia wouldn’t throw the ball as well as they did — starting quarterback Aaron Murray and backup Hutson Mason combined to go 26 of 33 for 369 yards and six touchdowns.

I thought the Aggie secondary had arguably their worst game of the season and the reality is that Murray surprised me — he played much better Saturday than he did last week against Florida.

Other than that, much of the game went how it could have been expected.

The Georgia offensive line is BIG and opened big holes for the Bulldogs in the running game.

Also, Georgia’s defensive line and linebackers came as advertised and the Bulldogs secondary is top notch. They have a very good overall defense without any weaknesses.

I thought Georgia would score between 38 and 42 points and that the Aggies would score between 14 and 21. Sixteen Aggie points was in the ballpark but Georgia’s 63 were much than anticipated. The Bulldogs scored 42 second-quarter points, 21 of which came in the last 4:30 of the period. That was the ballgame.

I thought Kenny Turner looked good (23 carries, 94 yards; eight catches 127 yards; two touchdowns) and freshman quarterback Travaughn Colwell held things together in a relief role. Colwell has good athleticism and good arm strength. He can be a real weapon for the Aggies if he keeps improving.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Boston,
Three years ago you hired me as your head football coach in effort to turn this dismal program around.

I work hard, I've beaten UNM three straight years, I'm an active member in the community and the team is improving.

Yet, you continue to throw me under the bus with these ridiculous $$$ games!!
Why do you continue to put me and the team in a no win situation??!

All I ask is for you to give me a favorable schedule and we will get this thing turned around. However, I'm starting to believe that you know more than all of us and will continue to schedule these ridiculous $$$ games.

With an AD like you...who needs enemies! Thanks for having my back.


Anonymous said...

Hanging with Nevada or beating up on UNM is waaayyy different than playing a pretty good SEC team at home, a team that's looking at style points for bowl consideration.

The result of the game is completely predictable and expected.

Anonymous said...

there really should be a law making it a crime to play body bag games.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 2:11
Not only should it be law. The players should be allowed to sue the IDIOT who continues schedule these games!

Take Matt Christian for example. He left the UGA game with a serious blow to the head.
What if he never gets to play again or has mental isues later in life?
Get a lawyer and SUE Dr. Boston!

Anonymous said...

I hope Boston is happy w/ the final results of this game.

Can anyone please explain to me how these types of games are supposed to help get the NMSU FB program turned around?

Does Boston have a Phd in stupidity? It sure looks like it!

Anonymous said...

If the Aggies don't play at least some "money" games, the Aggies might not be able to play any games at all given the current state of funding.

For all but a few schools, athletic funding runs a deficit. That means athletics for the likes of NMSU, UNM, UTEP is a money drain. In tough economic times, where state is funding less and fans have less disposable income to drop on game attendance, school programs suffer. If the football team at NMSU doesn't find games that will generate revenue, then it may not be able to survive. Hence the games against Big 10 and SEC teams that guarantee $800,000 to $1,000,000.

Anonymous said...

We played 2 money games this year.

We won one, and lost one. In the process, we made $1.8 million which we desperately need. As far as the comment to sue because of the head injury Christian suffered, you sir(or ms.), is exactly what is wrong with our country today.

What an ignorant statement.