Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The week that was, and the future weeks

Now that we are two weeks into the Aggie football season, what are your thoughts?

I know, I know, not good, I’m sure.

But this is the thing with football. There's just 12 games in a season, but it’s a long year. And each game is under heavy scrutiny.

In basketball, the Aggies lose on Tuesday night, they’re back on the court on Friday or Saturday. There’s a quick turnaround. In football, the games stew and are under a microscope for probably too long.

How many games will the Aggies win in 2010? That answer depends on how you view this team, but the Aggies have looked like no better than a three-win team.

It’s all about matchups.

Since last year, the Aggies have not matched up well with quarterbacks that can throw the ball over the top of the secondary.

This season, that weakness was apparent once again with how the team defended Ryan Lindley and Trevor Vittatoe in the first two weeks of the season. A consistent pass rush just isn’t there and if cornerbacks Davon House and/or Jonte Green aren’t on top of their games, it can get ugly.

So, who do the Aggies match up well with the rest of the way?

I think this weekend against Kansas, the team will be in the game. A 23-point spread, I think the Aggies will cover. Am I crazy? This is how I feel.

Kansas is playing a redshirt freshman at quarterback and a true freshman at running back. I don’t see the Aggies applying pressure on the backfield, but I think the secondary can keep the play in front of them.

Alas, they won’t win.

They match up well against New Mexico and I think the Aggies will get that game.

They match up well with San Jose State and I think the Aggies will get that game.

I think they match up well with Idaho, but it’s away. And the Vandals are simply further along than NMSU in Robb Akey’s fourth year with the program.

Louisiana Tech is in a transitional stage and I think the Aggies could — could — get that game. Still, it would be an upset. But it’s one I feel.

Hawaii has looked good so far, actually. But, on the last game of the year and with a sound gameplan, the Aggies could beat them in Las Cruces.

The first two games weren’t a great start to the season, but this is a week-to-week business. Hopefully, the Aggies can be at least competitive in Kansas. It will make the next week more bearable — for the team and the fans.


Anonymous said...

I have a positive feeling about the remainder of the football season. There are only 10 more Aggie games, with the possibility of ONLY 10 more losses this season. Excellent.

Also, the Aggies made a so-so UTEP squad look like Boise State. Our brethren from the south appreciate the Aggies' help in this regard. We are "good" neighbors.

Best of all, the great thing about the start of the football season is basketball season following shortly behind.

Go Aggies.

chilero said...

I don't think we're that far away. But, it'll be tough to show improvement over the next 2 weeks. KU's struggling, but they still have Big 12 talent. BSU has to blow everyone out to stay in the national championship hunt.

If we can continue to take care of the ball and improve our running game and defensive pressure, we'll have some success this season.

As Walker said, the focus is improvement right now, not winning.

Anonymous said...

I've always said that it's OK to jump off the bandwagon for a couple of days following a tough long as you jump back on that wagon by gameday, is what really counts!

It's Thursday and I've wiped the windshield clean.
Time to make some serious improvements vs. Kansas and take the fight to Lawrence!!

Anonymous said...

The sun comes up each day. The stars and moon shine at night. Taxes. Death. Aggie football mediocrity.

All things to count on...

Anonymous said...

My past suggestions were to move the football program to I-AA or the new championship subdivision--but after watching the Kansas game I now think the only hope is to drop football completely. This team has no chance, I think the only win could come at UNM's expense but I'm not even sure of that.

Anonymous said...

I was the one, and from what I remember, the only one that used to suggest the Aggies drop to I-AA (FCS) and everyone crucified me for should register a name on here so other people don't start taking credit for my suggestions after the fact.

Anonymous said...

The Aggies could build a decent team that could win at least 5 or 6 games a year but they need to start hiring the obvious, good choices and stop hiring obscure people as the coach. Like I said before, Houston Nutt really wanted this job a few years back and he probably would have stayed a while. The regents and NM State admin people that hire the coach are straight up idiots.

K Aggie '98 said...

regarding a move to FCS by NMSU..........

The suggestion that NMSU should move to FCS involves a lot more than NMSU's apparent lack of ability to compete with FBS schools. I don't think this is up to NMSU to decide.

If you look at the numbers, there are 6 FBS conferences that the BCS considers worthy of competing at the highest level of college football. These are the conferences that are given an automatic bid for the BCS bowls. The way things are going, it looks like the current FBS teams will be separated into 5 conferences of 16 teams or 6 conferences of 12 teams (side note... this scenario actually results in a quasi-playoff system as the division champs of each conference will play head to head will serve as a first round of elimination from playing in a BCS bowl and will provide a tiny bit of legitimacy to the BCS system). The shift to 5-6 big conferences will be filled by 72 or 80 current FBS teams depending on which FBS conferences survive and in what configuration. That leaves 40-48 current FBS teams that are not considered worthy. I am certain that UNM, NMSU, UTEP, Colorado State, UNLV, Idaho, Utah state, etc. will be part of the "not worthy" group. One may argue that the above mentioned schools are not equal, but I would argue that from a historical perspective regarding success (winning) and a look at the athletic budgets or each school, the BCS sees all these schools the same (TV market size notwithstanding). Furthermore, what the WAC is currently left with in terms of football teams and with what schools have been rumored for expansion, there are no schools that are better than the bottom 48 teams in the FBS.

Why do I say all this. I think that it is not up to NMSU to stay in FBS or drop down to FCS. This decision will be made by the geniuses that manage the the BCS and we will soon be playing FCS level football with many familiar names. Additionally, it if very irritating for idiots to talk about dropping to the FBS as some sort of "way to save money" and "cure all" for NMSU's football program.

Anonymous said...

After watching the game this weekend, I think we would struggle to be a mid level team in the Big Sky.

Anonymous said...

A drop to FBS dooms all athletics at NMSU. We would instantly be dropped by the WAC and our basketball and volleyball teams would feel it the most. These are the two programs that actually compete in the WAC and have a chance at their tournament, but would lose out greatly if we dropped.

Anonymous said...

If we drop to FCS we will lose any notworthy recruit. You people need to stop panicking and relax. Dewayne Walker is a great coach. He has had ONLY 1 full year to recruit. If you have ever played football or been a part of building programs, you would know that it cannot be done over night. NMSU will and I repeat WILL be in a bowl game in 3 years. Jeez, give the guy a break. He was the absolute best person for the job and is a phenomenal recruiter. Give him time. His class are all freshman, wait until they are juniors and seniors and if he cant cut it then, then you can get on him. But for now, leave the guy alone, shut up, and be a witness to the Walker Dynasty. Its really tough to make chicken soup out of chicken sh*t. Give him time and give him his people and he will go dancin. Move to fcs and it will be suicide, might as well scrap the football program.

Anonymous said...

The fact of the matter is that the Aggies belong in I-AA (FCS) and it is the school's decision. They have been struggling to stay in I-A for a long time and the NCAA at one time was going to drop NM State if they didn't get a certain amount of fans for one of their football games because they didn't meet the standards at that you are the idiot K Aggie 98. I've known and been around Aggie sports a lot longer than you.