Sunday, September 5, 2010

The WAC shuffle

Nice work by the WAC to land BYU on the Aggies’ schedule for the 2011 and 2012 seasons.

But it doesn’t erase the fact that the conference is losing Boise State. Nor does it help ease the pain of Fresno State and Nevada leaving, either.

It’s a nice consolation prize.

No one can hate on BSU for taking off and going to the Mountain West. The Broncos have dominated the WAC for the past decade and truly are a cut above the rest of the field. Are they supposed the stick around and continue to pulverize teams week-in and week-out? No one’s getting better because of that.

Fresno State and Nevada leaving, to me, are a different story. They certainly are in the upper-echelon of the conference — nobody’s going to deny that. They have been premier WAC teams, but they aren’t in Boise State’s category.

Here are the past five years and how the teams have fared against equal or above competition outside of the WAC, as well as their WAC records during that span:

@ Notre Dame: 35-0 loss
@ Colorado State: 35-20 loss
vs. Missouri: 31-21 loss
vs. UNLV: 63-28 win
vs. SMU (Hawaii Bowl): 45-10 loss

vs. Texas Tech: 35-19 loss
@ Missouri: 69-17 loss
@ UNLV: 49-27 win
vs. Maryland (Humanitarian Bowl): 42-35 loss

@ Nebraska: 52-10 loss
@ Northwestern: 36-31 loss
vs. UNLV: 27-20 win
vs. New Mexico (New Mexico Bowl): 23-0 loss

@ Arizona State: 52-21 loss
vs. Colorado State: 28-10 win
vs. Northwestern: 31-21 win
vs. Miami (MPC Computers Bowl): 21-10 loss

vs. Washington State: 55-21 loss
vs. UNLV: 22-14 win
@ Colorado State: 42-21 loss
vs. Central Florida (Hawaii Bowl): 49-48 win (overtime)

That’s a 7-14 record during that period. Four of the seven wins have come against UNLV....

Fresno State
@ Wisconsin: 34-31 loss (overtime)
@ Cincinnati: 28-20 loss
@ Illinois: 53-52 win
vs. Wyoming (New Mexico Bowl): 35-28 loss (overtime)

@ Rutgers: 24-7 win
vs. Wisonsin: 13-10 loss
@ Toledo: 55-54 win (overtime)
@ UCLA: 36-31 win
vs. Colorado State (New Mexico Bowl): 40-35 loss

@ Texas A&M: 47-45 loss (overtime)
@ Oregon: 52-51 loss
vs. Kansas State: 45-29 win
vs. Georgia Tech: 40-28 win

vs. Oregon: 31-24 loss
@ Washington: 21-20 loss
vs. Colorado State: 35-23 loss

@ Oregon: 37-34 loss
vs. Toledo: 44-14 win
@ USC: 50-42 loss
@ Tulsa (Liberty Bowl): 31-24 loss

That’s a 7-13 record during that time.

Also, during that time, the Wolf Pack have gone 28-12 in the WAC while Fresno State has gone 26-15 in conference. There’s no doubt they have been elite teams in the league.

Lets look at Boise’s numbers during the same period.

vs. Oregon: 19-8 win
vs. Miami, Ohio: 48-0 win
@ Bowling Green: 49-14 win
@ Tulsa: 28-21 win
vs. TCU (Fiesta Bowl): 17-10 win

vs. Bowling Green: 20-7 win
@ Oregon: 37-32 win
@ Southern Miss: 24-7 win
vs. TCU (Poinsettia Bowl): 17-16 loss

@ Washington: 24-10 loss
vs. Wyoming: 24-14 win
vs. Southern Miss: 38-16 win
vs. East Carolina (Hawaii Bowl): 41-38 loss

vs. Oregon State: 42-14 win
@ Wyoming: 17-10 win
@ Utah: 36-3 win
vs. Oklahoma (Fiesta Bowl): 43-42 win

@ Georgia: 48-13 loss
@ Oregon State: 30-27 loss
vs. Bowling Green: 48-20 win
vs. Boston College (MPC Computers Bowl): 27-21 loss

That's a 15-6 record against similar or above-average competition outside of league play. It's also two Fiesta Bowl wins during that span.

Also, the team has gone 38-2 during that period in WAC play.

Boise State needs to move on to bigger and better things. They have proven they can manhandle the WAC.

As for Fresno State and Nevada, they are clearly a cut above the WAC field. But are they on Boise State's level? No.

I would have preferred them to stick around the WAC for at least a few more seasons. It would have been good for the league, and would have made more sense for those respective programs. They still have much to prove before moving up…..


Anonymous said...

As long as Nevada and Fresno know that the MWC didn't really want them, and that the only reason they were taken was to pressure BYU into staying by gutting the WAC.

Guess what? BYU still took a powder. The MWC is weaker with the addition of Nevada and Fresno. The WAC is weaker without those two schools. BYU got what it wanted. The WCC improved.

The MWC can just forget about becoming a BCS conference. It won't happen now.

Anonymous said...

I hope the WAC doesn't let them off the hook with the $$ and makes them stick around for the 2011-12 season.
The WAC is going to be in a world of hurt if the leave this year.