Monday, September 6, 2010

Boise State wins thriller

Who saw Boise State's thrilling 33-30 win over Virginia Tech?

If you didn't, you missed out.

But my real question is this: Who's excited for Boise State to come to Las Cruces on Oct. 3 to face the Aggies? This is a top-3 program if things hold until then, folks.

If you're not excited to see that at Aggie Memorial Stadium, someone needs to check your pulse.

I, for one, can't wait for it.....


Anonymous said...

Me too Teddy, all Las Crucens and Aggie fans from Southern NM and El Paso should come out as well to root on the Aggies vs. a very good team. No matter if we get blown out (hopefully not), there is no telling if a top 5 team will return to LC. Go Aggies, can't wait for Saturday vs. SDSU!

Anonymous said...

Boise looked great. Glad they won.

Have no hard feelings whatsoever with them taking up the MWC on their offer. Nevada and Fresno, now that's a different matter.

Anonymous said...

I agree w/ Anon. 8:45.

No hard feelings for Boise leaving.
They were upfront about it for years and I will pull for them and hopefully they will give the remaining WAC schools a nice pay check!

Reno, Fresno & UNM can all go to HELL!!
Theses selfish bastards will be the MWC bottom feeders!!

maverick.annie said...

Well, you probably won't publish this comment, but at least I can put a bug in your ear. This week the Big Sky Conference added UC Davis and Cal Poly to it's football program, bringing the conference to 10 teams for football. The conference is hoping to expand to 12 schools so that it can develop a north/south agenda. Now, while Boise State and the other WAC schools were providing the WAC with big money from their football programs, the WAC seemed like a good place for the Aggies to be. Well, next year that will be gone. The Aggies haven't been to a bowl game for 50 years and the prospects don't look too good in the near future. Why not drop to the FCS and join the Big Sky. The Aggies could look at being more competitive in football and there is some very good basketball being played in the Big Sky. Well, I said my piece and hope it is at least accepted as a good thought.