Monday, November 9, 2009

Food for thought

I’m just getting over my emotional hangover regarding the Las Cruces High-Mayfield football showdown Friday night. What a game!

But it also got me thinking: which one of those kids could play for the Aggies? I always said that the local high school football here is nice, but comparing them to Aggie football is like apples and oranges. These kids are high school players! They can’t do it at Division-I!

Folks, the other night shifted my opinion. I’ll be the first to admit it, I am not a college recruiter. But I still know good, clutch sports when I see it unfold. Each team the other night made one big play after another. And that’s a reflection of players with steely resolve, guys who are immune to the pressure. That stuff translates to the football field, regardless of the level of play.

The Aggie coached staff spent its bye week recruiting in areas such as Southern California, Houston and Phoenix. I certainly hope someone from the team was on hand at Aggie Memorial Stadium on Friday night. You might have a kicker who could play here, you might have a lineman or two. You might have a quarterback.

We’ll see what they come back with from Houston. It might be better. It might not be better.


Anonymous said...

There are a few good players in town that can help the Aggies as role players.

People always complain that NMSU doesn't recruit the local kids. That was during the Hal Dumme era where, he asked the local kids to walk on and then he would say "we recruited him but, couldn't land him."
Hello, there's a BIG difference to being recruited as a scholarship player vs. a walk on!
Needles to say, Unm and Utep took some of our better local talent.

Coach Walker signed James Hall last year and he will go after a few more local kids. He realizes that the community wants to see local kids play for NMSU.

Hal Dumme alienated the community and Coach Walker inherited one of the toughest jobs in D1 but, you have to love his passion and we see glimpses of the future!


Anonymous said...

I see the NMSU vs. Nevada game has been changed to 8:30 because ESPN U picked it up. Ah crap!

I guess it's a good thing, being that we haven't scored an offensive TD in over three games.

At least the rest of the country will be asleep and not watch our lousy QB's struggle and see us get killed by a very powerfull Wolfpack offense!

alf said...

Hopefully they can convince Daugherty from Onate to change his mind and come to NMSU as opposed to UNM.

With the way things are looking with the Lobos football program I would think that a kid might be having second thoughts about playing for them.

Anonymous said...

Did Daugherty officially sign or was it just a Verbal to the Loobs?

I still wish that the Aggies would go after Coach Walker's son Kevan, and petition the NCAA to let the transfer go without having to sit out a year. We all know WR is a priority.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Teddy! I'm glad you finally acknowledge that there is some good high school football talent in this town. Last year Las Cruces was even better than this year, so imagine that. Onate, Mayfield and Las Cruces are each capable of winning the state title this year.

Mayfield pounded two very good El Paso teams, Chapin and Montwood and those two high schools have kids being recruited by schools like Texas Tech and Texas. The week before they lost 42-10 (yes, 42-10) to Mayfield, Montwood handed Odessa High it's only loss of the season and Odessa plays in a super tough district in Texas.

I wish people from places like Katy, Texas and Ohio would stop putting down New Mexico talent when they have no first hand experience of the prep football in this area. Like I have said before, I have been to Katy, Texas and I know of their football tradition. I have lived in Houston, San Antonio and Austin and I have seen some of the best high school programs in the state of Texas. Mayfield, Las Cruces and Onate would compete snap for snap with the Katy Tigers or anyone else in Texas for that matter.

NMSU Phantom said...

ALF-- I would rather have somebody that wants to be here than somebody that will change their minds at any time! Ala Mike Singletary!!