Sunday, November 15, 2009

Aggies at Hawaii

Well, it was another loss for the New Mexico State Aggies.

This team will get one more win before the end of the season. But it wasn't on Saturday night against the Warriors.

Hawaii really moved the ball well early and sputtered out as the game wore on. NMSU was able to get some pressure on quarterback Bryant Moniz to disrupt some things. UH had some key injuries during the game - Moniz and Leon Wright-Jackson stand out.

The Aggies didn't do anything again on offense. Actually, if you really want to be positive the team did move it better from time to time. But two interceptions on drives took away scoring opportunities. Tonny Glynn came in and ran well. Where has he been? He was running with some spunk.

My fears continue regarding Seth Smith's health. He has just been ran so much this year and that's going to take its toll, especially when considering his style of play. Maybe Glynn can give the team some of the big plays on offense it so desperately needs.

Kyle Hughes has been inconsistent this year, particularly punting the football. His best game of the season was against Utah State but he has been up and down ever since. Saturday night saw him average 39.9 yards per punt while getting off a 15 yarder.

At the beginning of the year, I said the team would upset either Fresno State or Nevada at home. Well, we saw how the FS game went. The Wolf Pack come here next weekend. I expect NMSU to come out fired up and compete in their final home contest of 2009.


Last week, Walker said the team would like to add offensive linemen and defensive tackles during the offseason.

He also said that the Aggies would look for running backs, linebackers and another quarterback.

NMSU will have 17 scholarships available following this season.


Anonymous said...

Here is what I saw on TV(once it came on in what seems to be usual for the NMSU arranged telecasts, and you really have to see it yourself and not depend on our radio announcers). Fleming was horrible throwing the ball and he will not get better. Who knows about Walls? Searching for a new QB will not be a bad idea. We made a few nice defensive plays to keep it reasonable. My forecast is that Nevada will chew us up and spit us out the way they have been running the ball. Yes, the only hope for win #4 is San Jose in a close game. It is not the kind of thing that inspires a big turnout for the last game of the season.

Big Al

Anonymous said...

I read your article in the Sun News. How about Walker's comment about Trevor Walls. Seems he has a lot of confidence in his back-up QB. I could say that I am speaking for the whole Ohio crowd and say that remark was uncalled for. You may want to contact Trevor's high school coach for a response to that comment. He would probably give you an interesting article. Very strange comment by a head coach. Again, that is simply unfortunate that he said that knowing that Trevor helped him win two games and he is part of the team. What is your take on that Teddy? Or were you just getting under Walker's skin when you were asking your post-game questions? Good luck to Aggies this week "for better or for worse."
Waverly, Ohio

Teddy said...

My feelings on it was that DeWayne wasn't saying it maliciously at all. He named a starter for the remainder of the season and he's sticking to it.

Anonymous said...


I don't know how often you get out to practice but the next time you go could you do me a favor? My son, Galland, shares scout team with Rust and I have been told by Rosey that the reason he isn't considered is his "arm slot".. Can you take a look at Scott's delivery, arm strength and give me a comparison based on your observations? (or if any of you guys have actually seen the 4 qb's in action together on the practice field I'd be interested in your opinion...) Living in Washington I don't have the $ or time to get down there myself and take a firsthand look...I'm a basketball and baseball coach not a football coach but I do know futility when I see it...The whole reason for keeping Fleming over Walls is Fleming's footspeed- 16 yards rushing -shoot you might as well not even attempt it.. I do know that when Rosey was at Wazzu he did the samn &*&^ thing to the incumbent QB who prior to his arrival was having 250 plus yard games and tossing TD's all soon as Rosey got in he benched him in favor of a kid he brought, I think that anyone who was rostered prior to Rosey is S.O. L. as they say..."arm slot" or not I know my kid ain't gonna throw more Int's than TD's...Go Aggies!

Galland (and frustrated dad)

Anonymous said...

Football is a very simple game... the team that scores the most is the team that wins!

How can you win when you can't score a TD in FOUR games!!
Heck, Devon House has scored more TD's these past four games than the entire offense.
The problem is that he's Cornerback!

Maybe we should move Devon to QB as he has been the only offense we've had in this damn stretch!!

Ganja Boy

Anonymous said...

Oh geez, here we go with the Ohio people again. I don't really care what Walls' high school coach thinks and it doesn't matter what he did in high school. Walls had an equal chance and he peformed badly...that's the reality of the situation. Walls is history here at NM State. I'm sure Walker and his staff are working hard to get a better QB for next year, they may already have one on the Tanner Rust.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Galland. I'm not a coach or an expert, but I have been around Las Cruces a long time and for some strange reason NM State, regardless of the coach at the time, always seems to bench the best players. If you honestly think your son is a good QB, maybe you should talk him into transferring to a school that will give him more of an opportunity to play. As a longtime follower of NM State football, I have seen a lot of really good football players come to Las Cruces and literally waste their collegiate careers on the bench. My comments are made with all sincerity and respect.

If I had a son that was a good football player, I'd rather have him do well at a I-AA or Div. II school than to ride the bench at a bottom 10 I-A program like NM State.

NM State has been at the bottom of I-A for a long time and it's not likely that will ever change.

Anonymous said...

Oh geez here come the Tanner Rust people.....he wasnt even good enough to beat Fleming and Walls in the offseason so why should we think he is the qb of the future?


Anonymous said...

To the "Oh Geez, here comes the Ohio people again" comment...screw you man! The problem at NMSU is that your offensive coordinator has no flexibility whatsoever and no confidence in any of his kids. That's sad! I'm not insulting his knowledge of the game, but I think the fact that your "O" has regressed is a big problem that needs addressed by your AD. To think one or two quality recruits are going to be capable of pulling your program out of the tank is also insane. I do however, think Walker is doing a decent job with the "D", they are just getting very tired as a whole. A new Offensive philosophy is needed before you run off kids or steer some good kids from coming your way.
Regarding Trevor, I think his days as a QB at NMSU are over. He may stay because he likes it in Cruces and has a smoking hot girlfriend, but he has to see the writing on the wall. Personally, I'd love to see him leave, but the Waverly faithful will support him regardless because he's such a quality young man.

Anonymous said...

7:32... I understand what you are saying and Scott and I have had that conversation, he respects Walker and Rosey and their football knowledge, and they have put him in a position of semi-responsibility which he a coach I understand you put in your best personnel...I also understand that when you are getting blown out you give guys who are lesser skilled but have been working their butts off a little reward by putting them into the game..I watch these games and tell myself that Scott could have fumbled that ball or gotten sacked :)...when you are down by 40+ points with less than 5 minutes to go you gotta share the love a little..that's the thing I don't understand...the other part of that equation is you may actually find someone who can play..god knows the QB's we have aren't getting the job done for whatever reason...the last time Scott played was in the spring game of 2008..threw for 197 yards and 2 touchdowns in the 2nd half, no picks, and that was with many of the receivers that are now starters...not the better receivers who have since graduated ...not bad numbers...actually a lot better numbers than what Fleming and Walls threw for in this year's spring game....why the coaches don't reward the bench players is beyond me....


Anonymous said...

Here goes the question of looking locally for some kids that can be signed on scholarship, not walk-ons to come in and use their talents and work ethics and probably better behavior than some of the thugs they keep bringing into this program. I seen a few of the high school players this season that could be beneficial to this program if were looked at and signed and brought along the right way and become as "good" as the one's here now. Take a look locally and see what's there. At least that would help get some more people in the stands too.

Anonymous said...

to all involved
i have heard that once rosie makes up his mind or picks a kid for what ever reason, that is his guy no matter what, win or lose he don't care, it happened where he came from
the sad thing the better players will transfer to other schools and
nmsu will be left with the leftovers
the really bad part is walkers career is on the line, if he cant produce some results in the next couple years, he will be ran out of town like mumme and his career will be on the downward spiral,
if he don't step in and make some changes,
rosie was unemployed for a reason
this is not just the q.b. postion it on the whole offense

walker open your eyes!! before you are on your way out of town

Anonymous said...

8:14.....Which local talent would you suggest getting a scholarship? It is easy to say "look local" but specifics would be nice. Some local talent has been offered scholarships and chosen to go elsewhere. And GS, I think the plan for Tanner Rust may have been to redshirt all along. I wouldn't say "wasn't even good enough". That is yet to be determined.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:42,
Most of us in Ohio were warned of Rosenbach before spring ball took place. That is why I was suprised that Walls stayed. Your analysis is probably correct. There could be a mass exodus of some good players.

Although I am from Walls' hometown, I think your boy should (should've since it is Fleming for better or for worse now) be given a shot. However, I think Rosenbach is blowing a bunch of smoke when he says that your son does not have arm strength. If he was good enough to earn a D1 scholarship then he must have a pretty good arm. Back here in Ohio, Zach Collaros has played unbelievable for the Bearcats. Collaros does not have a cannon for an arm. He is accurate, smart and makes plays (my beloved Buckeyes would not give him or RB Pead the time or the day). Moreover, what does arm strength have to do with throwing a screen pass or a shovel pass. Personally, I believe that Rosenbach has no confidence in his players and it shows. I hope your son keeps his confidence and is successful in whatever he chooses to do.

I guess I blew that comment way out of proportion. I just hope Trevor did not have to read that to realize his season was likely over (and the writing on the wall that he needs to transfer). On a side note, it was a pretty good football weekend in Southern Ohio (Bearcats, Bucks, and the Bengals)with Las Cruces-type weather (Sunny and in the 70's).
Waverly, Ohio

Anonymous said...

I am from Ohio, so I am supposed to listen to somebody try to tell us one of the top 5 football states in the nation we don't know any football.

I don't know if Walls will stay or not, but the deal he was dealt this season was a very bad hand. The OC has his agenda, and it is not good. He has his guy and that is it. Why not let the Walls kid grow as other QB's need? He is a far better QB than Flemming, but it is not the OC Guy. Clear and simple.

I think most Ohio people know football.

Anonymous said...

I suggest that Walls and Galland -transfer to some good I-AA or II program where they will be appreciated. Like Montana, Montana State in I-AA or Angelo State, West Texas, in II. I played in D-II and had a blast. I remember one year we had 10 players transfer in from UTEP. The players said it was so much fun to play for a winning team, and the talent at our D-II program was equal to UTEP just not as deep. If the offense continues down this road, I predict that Walkers time will be short, or with the lack of interest that it will breed, "we" will be a D-II school soon.

Anonymous said...

Frustrated Dad, you aren't doing your son any favors with your posts. I sincerely hope the coaching staff doesn't read them. If your "inside" info is correct it should stay inside! No coach would appreciate a mole and you have "outed" your son!

Ohio, I understand it's hard not seeing your guy play, but the fact remains none of us are in any position to evaluate the QB's better than the coaching staff. It doesn't matter what state you are from. The bashing of the competition is...well juvenile

The old saying goes, the QB gets more credit than they deserve and more blame as well. The offensive struggles are far more complex than just the QB. While I don't suggest the QB's aren't part of the problems, they are just one part.

Anonymous said...

relax nmsu will have a new oc, new qb coach, new wr coach soon, mark my words and they have some good ones lined up!