Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Donyae Coleman

The wide receiver has been moved to defensive back.

DeWayne Walker said that Coleman will play nickel back this weekend at Hawaii. The Aggie head coach said that Coleman played DB in high school.

Walker said part of the decision was made because the team had a large number of scholarship players on offense and not as many on defense.

Coleman happily made the move.

"He's a football player," Walker said. "He'll go wherever we need him and give 100 percent."


Anonymous said...

That's a good first kids are what makes teams succeed!

Anonymous said...

I couldnt agree with 6:04 anymore. Glas to see his team first attitude.

Anonymous said...

Coleman did a great job, but I still think that Mayfield could probably beat the Aggies in a head-to-head Honestly, I felt like I was watching two D-II teams last night. I sure hope Walker has some top notch recruits up his sleeve for next season.

NMSU Phantom said...

Anonymous 10:00am
Mayfield would only score a field goal at best against the Aggies! Stop posting these stupid comments people!

Anonymous said...

The only stupid person on here is you Phantom. Mayfield would beat NMSU. Said it again.

Anonymous said...

The only people that post these "my high school would beat NMSU" comments are high school students. They have no clue. Yes you team does well at the high school level in New Mexico. That means squat when compared to Div-I ball even against teams like NMSU. Mayfield would get crushed, period.